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Consumers Need Freedom of Choice

You can’t read an e-book on all e-readers. And you can’t buy a paper-and-cardboard book at all booksellers. So much for the enduring nature of the printed word in book form. Barnes & Noble has decided not to stock physical books published by Amazon. It will offer them online, but not in its brick-and-mortar stores […]

Get Clear-Eyed About the Jumble of Publishing

Publishing is a commercial activity. Sure, you can be creative, and you can exercise your artistic talents. But that’s writing. Publishing is something else entirely. Most books aren’t well-written. Most traditionally published bestselling books are not well written. The vast majority of nonfiction or business books are not well-written. These books were published because the […]

We Still Need Bookstores

The record store is pretty much extinct. Will bookstores follow? I hope not. An interesting article about Barnes & Noble’s efforts to compete against Amazon showed how even the largest and once-feared retailer can become a victim of changing buying habits and the new realities of the digital marketplace. But more people are probably going […]

Being Heard Against the Waves of New Books

More books are being published all the time. Every year trumps the one before. You may have read that at the Digital World conference this week, speaker David Houle said that more books were published last week than in all of 1950. That’s a nice headline-grabbing remark – but the thing is, new books have […]

Aiming for the Competitive Personality in Your Work

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, competitive personality

In my last post, we looked at how, in communicating directly with a competitive personality, certain words appeal more than others – so-called valued words that specific personas use and look for when gathering information to make a decision. Competitive personalities also want strong words that imply success and strength, in answering certain questions: What […]