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Information Should Be Free

Give it away. Give your content to the public. Don’t charge for it. It won’t matter to the sales of your books. People will want what you are saying. If they respond to your message, it doesn’t matter if they get the information free to begin with. They’re likely to pay for it later, either […]

Writing as Thinking

Many people don’t know what they think until they write it. Their thoughts are often random impressions and vague ideas. It’s writing that gives them shape. It’s books that help shape thoughts further, and it’s a book that can give you the makings of a platform from which to further expand your business. As you […]

Self-Publishing at an Early Age, or Any Age

Self-publishing means many people can create books online. Even teenagers. Young teens, in fact. An article in The New York Times about how teenagers have taken to self-publishing shows how important books remain for people as a means of expression and accomplishment, and how easily one can become published, without a publisher, an agent or […]

Young Adult Sales and Your Book

Harry Potter is available now for digital download (for purchase and at libraries), which means that we can expect further increase in digital-book sales. And young adult titles make up the strongest-selling category in books. So what kind of book are you writing? If you’re an entrepreneur or a thought leader who’s creating a platform […]

Learning Networking Skills: Organized Study vs. “Winging It”

My colleagues and I, as co-authors of my most recent book (Business Networking and Sex – not what you think), thought that it would be interesting to see if men and women learned how to network differently. So in one of the surveys we created during the course of writing the book, we asked participants […]