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Connecting to Your Audience through Seminars (part 2)

Seminars are a great way for you to expand your audience and build your platform. Seeing you in person will give your audience that intimacy that leads to action.
Emotions surge in a live performance. No matter how big the venue, you feel close, even intimate, with the musicians, Every song brings thunderous applause. While authors [...]

Seminars as Platforms for Expanding Your Audience (part 1)

The notion of marketing platform is not new. In fact, the word “platform” comes from public oratory, referring to the raised surface that people stand on when they speak before a crowd. A marketing platform, therefore, is a virtual tool for reaching others, a way of raising yourself above the crowd so you can be [...]

The Secret to Success

Over my career, I have observed people with different personalities, backgrounds, and behavioral styles achieve success in life. Many times I wondered if there was a reoccurring theme running through their success stories that would clearly illustrate what creates success.
When I was interviewing average business owners and entrepreneurs for my book, Masters of Success, I [...]

Building Your Marketing Platform

Many of the principles of constructing buildings have parallels with the process of building a marketing platform.
For instance, relatively little planning is needed if your construction project is simply putting a trailer on a rural property. Sure, you need to hook up water and electricity, and either put in a septic tank or get connected [...]

Prepping Your Gravity Well for Your Platform

Building a marketing platform involves planning and forethought before you create your website, set up your newsletter or even write your book.
As we explored in our last blog, you need to think about creating a gravity well that will pull your readers in to your content. But are you sure of your content?
Too often, authors [...]

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