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Offering a Solution for Your Buyer’s Needs or Problems

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In our last post, in outlining the six steps of the customer’s journey, we looked at step two: when the buyer warms to a company. To recap, here are the six steps: 6. Satisfied customer 5. Receives purchase 4. Makes purchase 3. Becomes lead 2. Warms to company 1. Seeks solution So far, we’ve looked […]

E for Victory

When exactly will e-books overtake traditional books in sales (and even reader preference)? Perhaps in the next two years, according to some publishing friends. Perhaps earlier, according to some colleagues. Barnes & Noble’s retail sales are still slipping (down 1% during the second quarter compared to last year), though not as drastically as they had […]

Banned Book Reviews and the Platform-Builder

Amazon has banned some book reviews from its site. In particular, those from publicists and companies that consolidate reviews. But you shouldn’t worry – you’ve got a platform. Now, everyone knows the Amazon review system is flawed. Friends weigh in on authors’ books and bestow five stars to build up their rankings. Enemies try to […]

Building a Book with an Audience

The psychologist and author Steven Pinker got some unexpected help when putting together his latest book, The Better Angels of Our Nature. His book argues that mankind is going through the least violent period in its history, and his work has received wide attention. The argument of the book is interesting, as is Dr. Pinker’s career. […]

What Children Can Teach You About Audacity

Be audacious. That’s how you grab and hold customers’ attention. That’s what makes a sale and buildsrelationships. Getting the attention of an adult can be harder than getting a hyperactive 4-year-old to pay attention. Every day your customers face a flood of commercials, ads, news and social media screaming to be noticed. My kids showed […]