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Accidental Marketing

No, no, that’s not the title of Seth Godin’s next book. “Accidental marketing” refers to a pervasive Web-based trend that is focused on the “how” of marketing but not on the “what” or the “why.” It’s frightening to watch people get all excited about new technology that allows them to perform miracles and then track [...]

The ‘C’ Word in the ‘C’ Suite

There’s a very old joke about a man who asks his brother to watch his cat while he’s on vacation. The man comes back and asks his brother, “How’s the cat?” and the brother tells him, “Sorry, but the cat’s dead!” The man is shocked and appalled that the brother is so blunt and tells [...]

Before You Begin Writing Those Ads…

Which do you think would work better, the brilliant execution of a flawed strategy, or the flawed execution of a brilliant one?
In business, it’s the flawed execution of a brilliant strategy that usually wins the day.
Most advertising professionals are unwilling to question a client’s strategy because they’re afraid of losing the account. So they happily [...]

The Gravity Well Effect

A Methodology for Pulling Customers Deep into Your World
by Michael R. Drew
It’s a hot summer day and you want to go swimming. As luck would have it, both next door neighbors offered up their pools when they welcomed you to the block. The two pools are an identical length and depth. The only discernible difference [...]

Blooming Your Book, Bit by Bit

A friend of mine in France thanked me the other day for giving him what he said was invaluable advice. Last year Gilles had been on the point of writing a book about the French essayist-philosopher Montaigne and his assistant and editor, the writer Marie de Gournay. Gilles was worried about finding the time to [...]

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