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Defining the Journey for Your Customer

We want our clients to tell us their stories. We want them to make sense of their lives, at least as it relates to their business. With a narrative, you can arrange things and get a sense of what your forward momentum might be – the plot of your business. This is, in a way, […]

Do You Suffer from Data Overload Syndrome?

How many devices do you use to keep track of what’s going on? And how many times do you check your devices? And how much do  you retain? And, finally, how many minutes do you wait before checking for email, news updates, RSS feeds and the like? Are you a data addict? And are you […]

What’s the Big Idea?

You’d be surprised at how many people know what it is they do without knowing how to explain what it is they do. And how few people are able to describe what they do with a one- or two-sentence explanation. This is important, even as we want specifics and details from our clients, because describing […]

Resist Coin-Operated Networking

Coin-operated networking is like a vending machine. You take some coins, stick them in the slot, push the button, and your candy bar pops out the bottom of the machine. That’s transactional—and a transactional process is great for vending machines, but not for networking. If you’re trying to network by saying, “I will give you […]

Steps to Taking Your Passion & Making It A Business

Have you heard things like ‘Montize Your Passion’ from Rich German or what about Greg Habstritt’s ‘Authority Formula’ . These guys are some who teach and believe you can build a business from turning your passion into an income stream.  How do they do it and what makes it work? Here are a few basic […]

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