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Avoid the Approximate, Seek Clarity

Your book should promise hope and the value of trying.
But you shouldn’t really talk about hope. Or trying.
Choose words carefully. Hope should be built into your story and the way your methods unfold, and the case studies you describe about how people have worked with what you describe and have achieved something.
Readers have to feel [...]

Speaking to the Heart of the Dog

You don’t turn a book into a bestseller by accident. It’s the result of multitudes walking into bookstores and logging onto websites with your author’s title in mind. But for that to happen, your author must first establish himself as a respected authority whose name comes to mind when the audience has an itch that [...]

Selling Yourself Short on Traffic

I recently discussed the importance of maximizing conversion of the traffic you already get before spending money, time, and energy trying to attract more traffic. Gather ’round for a little fable about the application of this principle in the case of Widgets-R-Us versus Widgets-4-You. Both companies are in the same business (yes, selling widgets). They [...]

Choosing Your Words to Unify your Concepts

In business books, it’s good to repeat certain words or phrases, to get your point across and to help a reader remember (we forget much of what we read). And as you’re writing your book through blogs, or turning you book into blogs, the use of certain phrases or keywords is important for attracting the [...]

Stacking the Deck

If you consider yourself a small or medium-sized publisher, I recommend you choose your authors the way Roy H. Williams chooses his clients.
Roy owns a very successful advertising and consulting organization outside Austin, Texas. He’s most widely recognized as the author of the 1999 bestseller, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, though his agency [...]

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