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What People Are Reading

You know what readers are buying? Young adult novels.
You know what they’re not buying? Books that are geared exclusively toward adults.
I’m not sure why – though I’m sure critics would say it’s because of a general dumbing-down of today’s reading audience. Yet adult fans of YA – young adult – novels say it’s because these [...]

The Exact Science of Creativity

It was during the Business Topology module of the Magical Worlds curriculum that John Quarto-vonTivadar raised his shy hand and quietly asked,
“Have you ever studied TRIZ?” Seeing the blank look on my face, John knew instantly that he might as well have asked, “How much should a hamster weigh?”
“No, John, I’ve never even heard of [...]

Surprising Broca

e Key to Creating a Message That Is Heard and Acted Upon

Broca’s Area resides in the left hemisphere of your brain, just over the southeast corner of the Motor Association Cortex. It’s the brain’s center for action words. It produces verbs, builds sentences, and predicts what people are going to say.
“Gee, Mike, that’s interesting. Uh—Would [...]

The Importance of an Outline

You need to outline your book. Even if you plan to self-publish it and feel you don’t have to put together a proposal of your work, you really need to outline it.
Why? Because that way you can see what you have, what you’re missing and how everything should be organized.
In fact, writing an outline of [...]

Contacting Prospective Customers

Our networking expert tells you how to make the most of your first communication with future customers.
Your referral source has done her job. Now it’s time to contact the prospect.
But be careful: The purpose of your first contact is not to make a sale or even ask the prospect if he has questions about your [...]

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