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The Feel of Real

In her 1991 book, The Popcorn Report, Faith Popcorn wrote of a trend called Fantasy Adventure: “What is Fantasy Adventure exactly? It’s vicarious escape through consumerism, catharsis through consumption. It’s a momentary, wild-and-crazy retreat from the world into an exotic flavor, a ‘foreign’ experience, some product-assisted derring-do of the imagination.” Soon after that, we saw [...]

Money, A Name, or A Difference

Using Your Book to Get You Where You Want to Go
Publishers publish. Authors write. Literary agents sell, and promoters promote.
We all perform different tasks, yet we all share similar reasons for doing what we do: we all want the same three basic things—–

To make a difference

Book industry professionals with dollar signs for pupils equate [...]

Creating an Effective Business Card

The right business card will help you make a great first impression.
Q: Business cards are an important part of a first impression when networking. Do you have any recommendations on what makes an effective business card?
A: You’re correct: Business cards are very important, and they do have an effect on someone’s first impression of you [...]

Look Up, Look Up, Look Up!

Recently I was strolling down a very crowded city street in a large European city. People were walking in both directions with great purpose and direction – families, business professionals, tourists and individuals. One pedestrian, however, stood out from the rest. She was walking a bit slower, with an uneven, irregular pace, and she had [...]

Does Usability Actually Sell Anything?

Recently my ClickZ colleague Sean Carton asked, “Are Usability Experts Any Use?” I’ve written before about the need to go beyond usability and focus on persuasive architecture. Nevertheless, Sean’s column struck a very public nerve. In recent threads on the I-Sales and I-Design lists, Jared Spool of User Interface Engineering (UIE) posted that he felt [...]

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