“Content Will Always Be King”

I just read a contrary post by a friend and associate and someone I respect greatly. This man, Greg Habstritt recently interviewed Dan Kennedy–one of the world’s most trusted authorities on direct response marketing, and copywriting. Indeed Kennedy is a brilliant individual; however, I strongly disagreed with his position in the interview.

He boldly declared that content is no longer king. Indeed, he said, we already have enough information and the game is now more about:

  1. Developing a deeper relationship with the individual.
  2. Positioning the product appropriately by presenting existing information properly.

Although I agree with those two points are important—they are ancillary. The relationship and the presentation play a big role, but I completely disagree about the status of content. Content will always be king!

Some five or ten years ago, we went through a phase called the Democratization of Media. We quit relying solely on news anchors and big media agencies for information and content. Instead, we moved toward getting it directly from the source—or the closest individual to the source, including: bloggers, eye witnesses, and individuals that are actually in the trenches reporting real, raw, relevant data. These people aren’t massaging the message, or trying to build a relationship with me, instead they are simply delivering the information.

In fact, sometimes in life there are individuals that I don’t even like (both their personality and their style) but if I recognize that they speak authoritatively and truthfully…then I listen carefully to the content–regardless of how it’s presented. I usually value people who don’t spin the message, more than those who end up positioning it for me.

This reality trend is not going to stop. In fact, this isn’t a trend. It’s a revolution and it’s going to become deeper and closer still.

People desire valid, honest information and that is precisely one power of the Internet.

Of course, I agree there’s all sorts of useless fluff and incorrect blather online. Luckily our built-in BS meters are becoming quite adept at quickly sifting through this stuff. Additionally, anyone who writes or presents content that isn’t valid is quickly dismissed and disengaged from the conversation at an ever-increasing rate. At the end of the day, the information we value is truth, honesty, and hybrid thinking.

One can ask, “Do we have all the information we seek in life?” The answer is clearly, no.

To drive this point home, simply ask anyone suffering from a disease, a challenge, or personal issue if he or she has all the information that they need to triumph over their ordeal. Or consider if someone found a cure for AIDS or cancer. How important would this new content be? Would the positioning really matter? Would a relationship be necessary? The answer is no.

I punctuate this post where I started it…content will always be king.

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2 Responses to ““Content Will Always Be King””

  1. Anonymous February 1, 2012 at 1:00 am #

    Very good points, Rich.  I think it’s almost a bit dangerous to say that we have enough information. While there is a plethora of information (both useful and useless as you pointed out), I can’t fathom calling a halt to learning more and expanding that level of information. Knowledge is infinite. Putting infinite into a box is extremely limiting. Yes, relationships and positioning are important–as is seeking more information and learning.

  2. Sarahpotter56 February 1, 2012 at 4:46 pm #

    I loved what you had to say about content and information Rich. I especially liked the part with the point you were trying to drive home. It’s so true…and makes you stop and think. Thanks for your words!!

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