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Feeling Validated & Appearing Credible

Of course I expected things to change once my daughter was born. I heard all the horror stories about not getting any sleep. I read about the inconsolable crying that accompanies the ‘witching hour’. I even came to accept the fact that I’d have to get up close and personal with waaayy too many poopy diapers. So none of that surprised me.But one thing I didn’t expect was my heightened sense of validation and credibility as a human being. I was proud of the beautiful little person I had helped create. I felt renewed in my sense of purpose. And it seemed like other people’s opinions of me had improved as well. They appeared to see me in a completely different light. One that shed a whole new level of respect on my status as an individual.

Many authors experience a similar phenomenon when their books are released. After months, perhaps years, spent pouring your heart, soul, and mind into an idea, you finally have something tangible out there to show for it. Something nobody has ever seen before that you were responsible for creating. The sense of accomplishment is huge! You wake up re-motivated and reassured, ready to seize the day and impart your wisdom and perspective on the world.

People respond to that kind of energy. They sense the confidence you have in yourself and that certainty is transferred into their confidence in you. And then they find out you’ve written a book, and you become even more relevant.

You know the expression ‘wrote the book on…’ It’s used to communicate a position of authority and leadership, right? That’s the position you want to be in. You want to be considered such an expert on your subject that people think of you first and feel the best about you whenever they have a need your products or services can meet. If you’re in business and you and two of your competitors hold an equal share of mind with your target audience, who do you think gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being able to deliver? The one who ‘wrote the book on’ the matter, or one of the other two?


Welcoming my daughter into the world made me feel validated as a person. Many of the authors I’ve worked with have said the same thing about their books making them feel validated as leaders. In both instances, you earn instant credibility in other people’s eyes.

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