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The 5 Most Effective Ways to get into Facebook’s Top News Feed:

Recently Facebook has changed how you can get people to see your posts. No more will writing a simple status update get you seen by your potential clients. You want your posts to get into the Top News feed as often as possible. It is based on a recently updated algorithm that is partially kept secret, but new research (including lets us know 5 great ways to get placement there. Using these points you can get your posts in front of people the minute they log into Facebook.

1. Video and photos (for photos, use them as illustrations for your posts) in your status update carry a large weight when Facebook weighs what to put in the Top News feed.

2. Links will also rank you highly. So, don’t simply write a status update. Attach a link that’s relevant to your posts and you will outrank those who don’t.

3. Write questions and invite interaction. Getting a lot of comments – not likes – but comments will pull your ranking high.

4. Be connected and topical. Facebook weights how connected the people are who are commenting when ranking how high your post shows up in the Top News feed. So, keep adding friends. It’s amazing that some people will never show up as “Top News” simply because they are not well connected and/or interacting. (Here’s a funny spin on how to give away a free tshirt to get into “Top News”, though not necessarily by being topical or connected -

5. Post only once a day in the morning. This will give you more ability to get comments that will crawl you up the algorithm (it is also based on time, so if you only have comments in the morning you will not be in the Top News feed by the end of the day).

A lot of ineffective time can be spent as a business on Facebook, and with the Top News feed’s recent change in the algorithm that’s even more true. Following the steps above is a game changer. Let me know how this worked for you on my page at The benefit, too, is that me and my 5000 friends will then comment on your post ~ pulling you up the algorithm!

  • Michael Drew


    Loved the post, anyone who really wants their voice to heard really should follow your advice.

    Why is facebook so powerful in this arena, and what can we learn from this implication?


    • Lindsay

      Thanks, Michael! Powerful in specifically which arena?

      • Michael Drew

        Why is facebook so powerful as a communication tool?

        • Lindsay Wilson

          Ah ~ we love technical intimacy.

  • Lynne MacQuarrie

    Hey Lindsay! Thanks for sharing. I feel smarter already and can share this with others. Please post more great stuff soon.

    • Lindsay

      Thanks, Lynne. I think you’ll like this week’s, too!

  • M’Bike’ Mark Featherstone

    Thanks for that, Lindsay. That makes it a lot easier. I will try that for a couple days and see what happens:-)

    • Lindsay

      How’s it been working?

  • Susan

    Lindsay, thanks for your great research on this subject. Fantastic info. Now go take your honeymoon, will ya?

  • Andrea Reindl McLean

    Lindsay, Thanks for your great information. Gotta say, as a user I kind of wish that links didn’t carry more weight, I’d rather know what my peeps are thinking and saying then what they are linking to. I do however LOVE though that more comments show up higher, then we get to see more interesting conversations. Love your information!

  • Lizzy Shaw

    Thanks, Lindsay – you always have the best information!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thanks so much, Lizzy!

  • Monique DiCarlo

    Yes, great post Lindsay, wish I could “Like” it but can’t find the button? Trying to wrap my mind around this now ;-) Thanks! Monique DiCarlo


    • Lindsay Wilson

      Did you find it?

  • Lee Horbachewski

    This is a FANTASTIC share, thank you so much Lindsay.
    Interestingly enough, on my Business page people interact more with quotes, rather than links… AND people definitely interact more on my Lee H page when I am sharing authenticly..
    Much to think and reflect on THANKS for an amazing well thought out post…

  • Natasja Fischer

    Thank you for being my (our) trusted face book guru!
    I will let you know how it works out for me.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thanks, Natasja!

  • Lehi Drew

    Here, I hope this comment helps!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      It did! :)

  • Lindsay Wilson

    Thanks everyone!
    Michael, what arena do you mean?
    Lynn, thanks for posting on your FB wall!
    M’Bike’ , know that the algorithm takes longer than a few days to change your rankings – I’d try it for a few weeks at least.
    Susan – I’ve been thinking that lately a lot :)
    Andrea, Facebook ranks high on the links because I assume they want us to have Facebook as our “home” on the web – much like we used to with google. It’s all about the open graph system.
    Lizzy, so sweet! I really appreciate the compliment.
    Monique, I think if you go to and scroll down to my post you’ll find the Facebook “like”! Thanks.
    Lee, authenticity (if now accompanied by a video or a photo) always trumps everything! Love that you’re doing that.
    Natasja, awesome! Let me know how it goes?
    Lehi, Hmm…did it help? lol

  • Zach

    So cool!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      So are you, Zach :)

  • Shari Wright Pilo

    Great post ! You always have clear cut good info to share! Kudos to you !

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thanks for posting it on your FB wall, Shari! You rock.

  • Debbie Ingle

    Lindsay, thank you as always for the clear and concise information. I don’t have time to read long lengthy articles however your information was right to the point. Fantabulous!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thanks, Debbie!

  • Sarah Shaw

    Great stuff!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      You rock.

  • Cinde Johnson

    Lindsay–fantastic article! Gotta love what goes on below the surface! Valuable and practicle tips! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thank you Cinde. My pleasure!

  • Wendi

    Thanks, Lindsey. I have been wondering about how this works. And I really appreciate you explaining it in english.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thank you! We must meet. I saw video of your studio and I am in love (and I responded to a blog that you commented on the other day with a picture of a woman enjoying ice cream). I think we’re cut from the same cloth. :)

  • Tom

    Very good read, Lindsay. Thanks for the tips!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      My pleasure, Tom.

  • Carl Woolston

    Thanks for this. Straight and to the point! Just subscribed to your blog as my business partner here at Kgaps told me I should.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Thanks, Karl!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for your tips! I already used one and it got me on the top feed! Woo hoo

    • Lindsay Wilson

      Love it!

  • Kiki Ramsey

    This is great information. I going to use it and let you know how it works.

  • Kiki Ramsey

    This is great information. I’m going to use it and let you know how it works.

    • Lindsay Wilson

      I can’t wait to hear how it goes, Kiki!

  • Maryann

    Thanks Lindsay, I appreciate any kind of new angle I can get to attract my customers to interact and new ones too!

    • Lindsay Wilson

      My pleasure, Maryann!

  • Dr Marilyn Joyce

    Great summary of vital points. Glad I stumbled upon this page. Thanks so much Lindsay! I’m going to print this off and keep it by my computer. I tend to be a night owl – but what I’m getting from this is that I need to get on FB in the AM. That may be challenging – but worth a shot if it will get me back to where I was before all of the changes started happening on FB. :-)

  • Toddstrobel

    not only great info but simple and saves time. thanks

  • Alef Bet Jewelry

    I like the suggestions Lindsay offers about posting on

    Our business needs to take her suggestions and use them in order to connect with potential business connections.

  • Lifeintransition2u

    Thank you for the great information Lindsay. I will get it figured out and start incorporating it.

    Blessings to you,
    Mary Beth

  • Kris Gaunt

    Thanks for that , though this link 
    is dead, can re point please ? Thanks Kris

  • Robinhood09

    i all ready tried that what can i do

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