Bye for Now – A Father’s Love

Hunched over and buried beneath 2 blankets, my father’s cancer-stricken body couldn’t muster the energy to even sip a Boost nutritional drink. Before departing, I hugged him and said, “I love you, Dad.” Reciprocating softly, he also said, “Bye for now,” because “bye” was always much too final.

Four days later on February 9, 2010, my father passed away. And since his passing, it has been quite the journey. This, though, is one of the most remarkable stories of hope and love I could possibly share with you.

Pause: Yesterday Anthony Garcia blogged about how memorable surprise endings are. So you know, the surprise ending below is not the work of great writing (I’m not there yet!). Fortunately, it’s what really happened. Here it is :)

*** The phone rings …

“Hey Kyle, it’s Michael Drew, do you have a moment, because there is something I want to ask you?”

Michael’s question was an offer to join the Promote A Book team, which if I accepted, would involve a trip to Austin, Texas for client meetings and deeper familiarization with Persona Architecture, Platform Building, and the inner workings of how Michael serves clients.

And after so 30 months of slugging away, fighting off the self-doubt and questioning of others, here it was. The opportunity to work with Michael Drew. And what an opportunity this was!!

As I cycled my towards a nearby lake later that evening, the initial shock finally erupted into celebration. Due to the emphatic fist pumping and yelling, fellow bike trail users may have mistakenly thought they were watching a Tour de France stage victory. Soon though as I neared the water, elation turned to tears of agony, and then to gratitude as I thought…“Dad, it’s happening, it’s actually happening,” and through blurred vision I said to myself, “Thanks for believing in me dad, we’re doing good.”

Safe to say, this was memorable sunset…but the story’s not over just yet. :)

Later that night, as I journaled about Michael’s offer and my day, it consciously hit me.

The day Michael Drew called, was Sunday, June 20, 2010.

Also known as Father’s Day.

Suffice it to say, working with the Promote A Book team seems to be written in the stars, as is speaking with authors, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs all over North America about their goals, life missions, and challenges. And, getting to write everyday is pretty cool, too.

What’s written in the stars for you?

Bye for now…

P.S.-I found out after he passed, that secretly my dad loved this song, too.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, Kyle! What an awesome post! What you shared here was so real! I’m a raccoon right now (didn’t wear the waterproof mascara today!), and will read it again and again.

    My dad, who I am blessed to still have with me, has a similar way of saying good bye as your dad. My dad always closes a conversation with us with “I love you,” not good bye. His thought for over the last 30+ years has been that if this is the last time I speak to you, I want the last thing I say to you to be that I love you. Growing up I thought it was a bit corny, but as an adult, I see how special it is.

    Sounds like your dad and mine are cut from the same cloth!

    And I’m very thankful that Michael called you, and you said yes. :) Proud to call you teammate, and more so, friend! :) (We’re just a bunch of mushy, real NFs!)

    • Andrea Reindl

      Cinde, what a great way to be with your kids. I’m going to start that!

    • Kyle McNeil

      Thanks for sharing Cinde. Yes I am thankful Michael called me too. It’s
      really an honor to work with such talented people. Including you :)

      And yes, it seems our fathers were “cut from the same cloth”.

      Yes, mushy NF’s. It’s good to “go there” though. There’s always soul
      stirring stories, that if we shared more openly would really impact people.
      I love that opportunity. What a gift.


  • Andrea Reindl


    First, I’m proud to work with you and know you! And thank you for sharing so deeply, I appreciate that most about you! This is an amazing story that takes guts to share!

    • Kyle McNeil

      Thank you Andrea!!

      As I’m learning more and more about blogging, the writing process, and how
      to write to personas — I’m starting to uncover more and more how being
      real, is totally possible within the process. For a couple weeks now, I’ve
      been looking for an opportunity to write from a very authentic place.

      Do you think I set the bar for this? There’s got to be some AMAZING stories
      fellow contributors can share too.

      Are you in?


      • Janice Shoults

        I have always believed in you, from the very first day that we met…every time we have a chance to reconnect, I see you growing and glowing and reaching for even greater heights. Thanks for sharing the story about your Dad. Interestingly enough, the day you wrote this, I kept thinking of your Dad and the fact that I got to meet him for the first time in Rocky with me being in an elf suit. He took it all in stride, and was very graceful, and delighted that I stated that I was so happy to have you as my friend…

        Thanks again, Kyle – for your thoughts, your words, but mostly for your heart and spirit.


        • Kyle McNeil

          Thank you Janice :)

          Yep, that was my dad. Taking it in stride, even when he was dealt some of
          the “toughest” cards.

          Thanks for your friendship too!!


  • Anthony C. Garcia Jr.

    Wow, what a moving story Kyle! I have an immense sense of pride to be serving along side you. You are always positive and inspiring. Nice work!

    • Kyle McNeil

      Thanks Anthony :)

      It’s a pleasure to work with you too. And spending time with you in Austin,
      back in July was really great. We had some fantastic conversations. It’s
      such a pleasure when work, turns into real and authentic experiences isn’t

  • Kim White

    I have now realized that even though my Dad is still on this earth with me, I will never say “Good-Bye” again……. You make me appreciate the fact that he still with me, and as a Mother, I am going to make a change and and tell Carson “I love you” instead of good-bye. You are inspiring and I thank you so much for sharing.

    • Kyle McNeil

      That’s so incredible Kim!!

      Thanks for letting me know. Hearing stuff like this inspires me to write
      more. It’s great feedback. Beautiful :)

      You are welcome and thank you for sharing too!

  • Chantal

    Oh Kyle, your story made me cry,

    so sad and yet so happy.

    • Kyle McNeil

      Hi Chantal :)

      It’s hard to tell, because all you have is your first name, but is this
      Chantal from my days at TLA?

      Yes – happy and sad. Good way to put it.

      Thanks so much,


  • Michael Drew


    I am honored to be a small part of this story.

    A fathers love for his children is unique and profound, often misunderstood.


    • Kyle McNeil

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for calling. Whatever inspired your call, was meant to be.

      Based on my experience — there is something very special indeed. You can
      probably put your finger on it better then me, since you are a dad.

  • Samantha

    I needed tissue for this one. Loved it Kyle!

    • Kyle McNeil

      Hi again Samantha,

      Two weeks in a row hey?

      My goodness, if I’m not careful you might not come back!!

      Thanks for sharing :)



  • Lindsay Wilson

    You, Kyle, are such a sweet soul.

    • Kyle McNeil

      Thank you Linsday :)

      “The outer world is a reflection of our inner self” … so if you see it in
      me … guess what?


  • Sidney York

    As always, Kyle, you make me think about things larger than what’s in front of me. Thank you for that…

    I love that song, too : )


    • Kyle McNeil

      Thanks Brandi :)

      As always I appreciate your supportive feedback. Hope to see you over Christmas!

  • Kim Berges

    Thank you for sharing an intimate part of your journey with us. It appears your Dad is still teaching and guiding you- what a beautiful gift and what a blessing you are.

    • Kyle McNeil

      Thank you Kim :)

      Really appreciate your words.

  • Tim

    Hey Kyle, my NT prevents me from crying about this entry, however you know that I continue to carry two of the biggest pom-poms on the planet, one with a “K”, and the other with an “M”. I’m excited for 6 months from now when we get to kick it at the Moose, look out at the water, and reflect on everything else that has happened (on top of everything that you shared above). And with the big wide Alberta sky around us, there probably won’t be many clouds, although I’m sure your dad will be there with us, soaking up the moment just as he always loved to do! Onwards and Upwards my friend, TF :)

    • Kyle McNeil

      Hey Tim,

      Thanks for writing. I look forward to that also. Great Humanistic type reply
      too ;)

      Yes, there’s lots to reflect on.

  • Aldous Irving Jimenez-Echegoye

    Thanks for sharing this Kyle.  My mom died last September 9,1999 and I still feel the emptiness at times.  I realized that our dearly departed ones never really left us…they just moved in to our hearts.  Please take time to read the poem I wrote for my mom.  Here’s the link

  • Merlin Covlin

    Your not alone as I know that it is not always the other guy the one experiencing these temporary good byes! Hang in there!

  • Kirsten Nelson

    Wow. Great post. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your story and the power of the silver lining that is always around the corner – if we choose to look for it. I love those silver lining moments :)

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