5 Ways to Nurture a “Living Website”

My clients and friends make fun of me.  Some call me “dude,” think I talk funny and assume I was a proponent of California’s recent Proposition 19 because I speak often about a holistic approach to marketing, advertising and business.

One of my “hippie-dippie” ideas that I believe in wholeheartedly is fostering and sustaining a “living website.”

Think of your website as a beautiful, living entity, and do all you can to keep it healthy, and your online business will likely thrive.  Here’s how you can begin the effort:

  1. Use traditional advertising to “push” people to your website.  Search engine optimize your site and  perhaps pay-per-click advertise to “pull” people to your online home.  As you do so, try to match the tone, feel and vibe of your off and online efforts, so that your visitors will know they’re in the right place, looking for the right thing. In a way, this human interaction, and lifelike give and take, finding people and allowing others to find you,  will help you create a website that is relevant and “well-adjusted” to do what you’d like it to and what others want.  You’ll more quickly and more likely find that sweet-spot.  You’re having a party on at your place on the web.  Why would you want to party alone?
  2. Strengthen and lengthen the breadth and reach of your web presence by getting involved in and utilizing social media like Facebook and Twitter. Stop thinking of these things as separate endeavors, and instead, start thinking of them as vital extremities of your website.  They’re more mobile and gracile, and unlike your website, can reach out to people out in the web-iverse so they can interact with you – your place or theirs.
  3. Blog from your site. Say something and spread the word.  If you don’t, you’re mute, or single-voiced, which is boring.  Blogging, and working your blog is akin to finding cool new friends and communicating with them.  The more interaction the better.
  4. Comment thoughtfully on websites relevant or concurrent to yours. Do this authentically and with a heart to help and share, and you’ll likely be thanked, at least, with positivity, and often, with dollars.
  5. Learn to deliver targeted content so your website will act and be more like a real human. As of very recently, if you know how, you can figure out what your visitors do on the web, how many times they’ve visited your site and where they’re from, etc.  Serving targeted content will help you treat your visitors as they’d like to be treated – like a real person or business would try to do.  I’ve written about this:

Maybe it’s just funky metaphor, but  it’s one I think that works.  To best nurture your “living website”, feed it well and make sure it receives ample human interaction.

As a rule of thumb, the higher your online metabolism, the better.

Can you think of other ways to keep your website vibrant and alive?  Do tell.

You’ll find a great description of targeted content at

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2 Responses to “5 Ways to Nurture a “Living Website””

  1. Lehi Drew November 16, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    Dude, we should totally get like 99 tacos.

    Good post. I’m trying to feed this baby all the time now.

  2. Brandon R Allen November 16, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    1. I like to read any post where the author uses the word “Gracile”
    2. Thinking about interacting with our site visitors in a human way would make all of our sites more productive and serve our following better.
    3. One other point that I would add is to evaluate your site on a regular basis to see how good you are doing in the 5 areas you just talked about.

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