On-Demand Creativity

Pop quiz.

Question: What sets authors apart from non authors?

Answer: Authors write.

Seriously. I wasn’t attempting to be snooty or funny. But it’s that simple: you’ve got to do it to be it. Most people get paralyzed by the dreaded writer’s block. You know — those moments when you think you’re channeling brilliance and instead all that runs through your head is Katy Perry’s song, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

That dreaded writer’s block is actually a pretty normal occurrence. If it’s affected you, then you should be grateful: it’s a sign that you’re human.

But you don’t have to live in a state of perpetual brain freeze. There are ways to get past the block and tap into the forever-creative part of your ability, that part otherwise known as the right brain. The part of you where all your brilliance and creativity hangs out just waiting to be summoned.

And it can be summoned. You can tap into that creative part of you on demand. It’s actually much easier than you might think. The only thing standing between you and your right brain is… your left brain. The analysis

that happens while you stare at a blank sheet is only your left brain wigging you out. The right brain is there, screaming for attention and fighting with old Mr. Logical Lefty.

Tapping into your right brain requires only knowing your subject matter. Have the end in mind: have an idea of what you’d like to share with your reader. And be confident. Be hard on yourself. Tell yourself to do it: Pressure is one of the best ways to put that left brain to rest. That’s because pressure kind of overwhelms the left brain and keeps it busy so the right can finally be heard.

There is a process, that many of us here at Beneath the Cover use to break through left-brain/right-brain stasis. This process will allow you to tap into that creative side on demand. The process is called The Creation Method, most of us here use this method to speed up our content creation time.

If you’d like to tap into the creativity, that right-brain creativity, all it will take is an hour of your time. That’s right – 60 minutes to free up your creativity.

Check out this video,and see how you can rise to the challenge.

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One Response to “On-Demand Creativity”

  1. Anonymous March 1, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Writer’s block can be such a beast! Glad to know I’m human 🙂 It’s taken a fair bit of practice to work through writer’s block. One of my favorite techniques is to write non-stop for 10 minutes, even when I can’t think if anything to type, I just type “I can’t think of anything to type.” It gets the juices flowing.

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