Andrew Grabois


Andrew Grabois is a consultant to the information and publishing industries. His clients include British Library, Muze, Bowker, and Information Today. Having compiled and analyzed US and Global markets since 1999, Andrew is a noted book industry authority and trend spotter. He has been quoted in most major national newspapers, trade magazines, and has been interviewed on CNN and NPR. Foreign Policy Magazine, Publishers Weekly, and Publishers Research Quarterly have all published articles written by Andrew.

In 1981, Andrew began his career at R.R. Bowker. Here he held a number of positions, which included Managing Director of Bowker’s flagship, Books In Print. While at the helm of Books In Print, Andrew led the editorial team that developed a modern, customer-friendly database,, by acquiring bibliographic data and blending it with rich, descriptive content.

Andrew was also Bowker’s Senior Director for Publisher Relations & Content Development, acting as the company’s ambassador to the publishing world. He has sat on the Board of Directors of the Book Industry Study Group, the Executive Council of the Professional and Scholarly Publishers, and the ISBN Revision Working Group.

Andrew holds a Master’s Degree from the Columbia University School of International Affairs, and a B.A. in History from the City College of New York. He lives in South Orange, New Jersey with his wife, son, and two dogs.

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