Are You Giving Your Customers The Dorothy Mantooth Treatment?

I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again. ~ Champ Kind from the movie Anchorman

I finally got over the fact that Anchorman wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.  What I haven’t gotten over is the Dorothy Mantooth quote from that movie.  It makes me think about how business treat their customers after they are first introduced.  When was the last time you got the Dorothy Mantooth treatment from a business?

Getting “Dorothy Mantoothed” happens when businesses capture a customer’s information for the first time or make that first sale to a customer and then never communicate with that customer again.  For example you sign up for a newsletter that looks promising and they start out by sending you a couple of issues and then…crickets.  That’s awkward.

How good is your business at consistent communication with customers?

In the movie Anchorman, Champ Kind is saying that he is going to take someone’s mom out for dinner and never call her again because he’s trying to be an asshole.  The good news for the majority of businesses is that they aren’t trying to be assholes.  They’re assholes by accident which may be even worse.  If you’re going to be something, at least try to be it.

So how can you avoid giving people the Dorothy Mantooth treatment?  It really comes down to developing a communication strategy for your customers.

Here’s where I would start:

Look at what you have in place and ask these questions.

What personnel do we have communicating with clients? Sales, marketing, customer service.

What resources do we have for communicating?  Phones, e-mail, website etc.

What platform are we using to store client information?  CRM, CMS etc.

What does the process look like mapped out?

What is my interaction system for each point?

When you start answering these questions about your customer interaction, you can see areas where you can be intentional about the type and frequency of communication that you will use in your client interactions.

I know a lot of businesses who have large databases of clients that they do virtually nothing with.  There is literally hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars just sitting there and they don’t even recognize it.

Building an intelligent communication strategy takes some work.  The good news is your lazy competitors aren’t interested in taking the time to build one.  If you put some effort and intelligence into building your communication strategy, you just put yourself in position to stand out.

In a civic cycle, your customers are craving interaction they want businesses to be intentional with their communication.  Wait I take that back.  They don’t want it, they need it.  Do yourself a favor and put together a communication strategy for your customers and leave the “Dorothy Mantooth-ing” to your lazy competitors.

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