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Networking on the Margin

Living on the margin, in any capacity, is not healthy. If you make $50,00 a year and you live to your means and spend $50,000, you have no room for error. In other words, when those inevitable breakdowns happen, you get stressed and have to scramble for the extra money. Life gets a little bit […]

When Word-of-Mouth Networking May Not Be Enough

By Lester M. Salvatierra Your word-of-mouth networking strategy may not be enough to help you reach your business goals. There, I’ve said it. For you super-ambitious business people out there who aren’t seeing the results you’d anticipated after running around from chamber meeting to mixer to ribbon-cutting to your networking group meetings, it’s time to […]

Equipment Financing and Business Networking Go Hand in Hand

By Lester  M. Salvatierra To work in the finance services industry, whether it be financial or estate planning or business financing, requires that individuals establish trust with their clients. A great deal of trust. The kind of trust that permits a person to disclose the nature of his or her worldly possessions to someone else, […]

Boost Your Business Referrals with a Strong Power Team

Some businesspeople seem to have all the luck. The right people just seem to put themselves in the path of these lucky folks, ready to introduce them to those who will give them all the business they could ever desire. Do you know any people like this? Then you should also know that it’s likely […]

Focus on Your Core Services for Best Results

By Lester M. Salvatierra A business college professor drilled into us that we should always “narrow our focus and stick to it.” Like many such business guidelines it made sense, but recently it really hit home. I have friends in various businesses — health insurance, financial planning, mortgage lending, business consulting and a host of […]

Can You Really Do It Better?

By Lester R. Salvatierra, BNI Area Director Have you ever sat through a group meeting and thought to yourself, “I could really run this meeting more effectively,” or “If I were in charge, I wouldn’t do it that way…?” We’ve probably all had thoughts like this because it’s easier to be a sideline coach than […]

Networking and Gender – How to Avoid the Traps

By Lester R. Salvatierra, BNI Area Director   I’d like to offer some perspective on business networking between men and women on the eve of the publication of Dr. Ivan Misner’s new book, “Business Networking and Sex.” Well, it’s not really quite the eve of the debut of his new book, since it won’t be […]

Be Selfish to Succeed

By Lester Salvatierra, BNI Area Director Be selfish with your business and grow faster than you ever thought possible. Business selfishness is good, positive, and helps you build your client base quickly. Personal selfishness is not positive and many of us know the negative repercussions of living a lifestyle of not giving back to others. […]

Connect and Commit for the Long Term

By Lester Salvatierra, BNI Area Director It’s going to take an investment of at least two to three years to build a good diversified contact database. It takes time, but it’s worth it. To build your contacts, you’ll have to attend an average of five to seven networking events per month. Your event mix should […]

What If Your Bank Says NO?

By Lester Salvatierra, BNI Area Director   A bank rejection — for that matter, any rejection — is painful, but particularly if your company is under a time crunch to complete a new equipment purchase or finish a project. Many businesses leave the financing stage as the final item on their agenda. This may not […]