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Being A Nerd Easier Than You Think

More work in less time! Make money while sitting on your couch!  Meet your Soul Mate!  Do I have your attention?  I hope so because what I am going to talk about is how to make the previous statements more of a reality for your business ideas. You can work and make money more efficiently […]

Serving A Higher Purpose Through Entrepreneurship

If you believed everything you heard in the news, you would think that businesses are the most greedy, exploitative organizations on the planet.  I won’t say that there aren’t some businesses and business owners doing it wrong but there are far more doing it right.  Business owners, in general work to serve a higher purpose […]

Speed Up Your Business Success With One Question

Making a name for yourself is challenging, even with all of the tools that we have at our disposal. Facebook, Twitter, Blogging.  The rub is that everyone else is using these tools too.  One question that helps speed up your business success is “Who do you know?” It stands to reason that unless you have […]

The Science Of Great Testimonials

Testimonials and interaction about your product and service is a must in today’s civic society.  The problem with testimonials is that they can be more of a distraction than an actual sales benefit.  There is a science behind crafting the right testimonials for your business. Today I want to help you get it right. Starting […]

Creating Intimacy With Your Clients

Intimacy sometimes strikes me as an odd word to use in business.  15-20 years ago, there wasn’t nearly the focus that exists today when it comes to building real connections with complete strangers.  We see it all around us now with Facebook, Twitter, tweet-ups, meet-ups and blogging.  Creating an intimate environment with your clients can […]

The Best Way To Brand Is From The Inside Out

The concepts of branding and brand management are confusing topics to a lot of the newer business owners that I talk to.  Even for established businesses, the concepts can be muddy.  There is one place to start when it comes to branding.  That place is your internal operations. Most people confuse branding simply with the […]

A Solid Brand Strategy Includes Building Relationships

Your brand is about a promise. If you buy my product or service, this is what’s going to happen.  To build trust in any arena takes focused, intentional effort.  Your brand is no different.  A great brand has great relationships built around it. Building relationships with your customers is the obvious piece to this but […]

The Components Of Your Brand’s 5 Senses

On the surface branding seems like a pretty simple and straightforward endeavor. Get me a logo, a tagline and some colors and let’s get going.  Then you get a little deeper into the process and your realize there are many facets or your brand that you need to consider. There are many ways that people […]

Use A Bookkeeping Method That Works

It’s that time of year where you may be scrambling to put together P&Ls and balance sheets so that you can get your taxes done.  If this is a stressful time of year for you and you don’t work in an accounting field then you may need to reevaluate what you are doing as a […]