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Not Just Another Article on Luncheon Meat

It is becoming increasingly difficult to be noticed and read, no matter how legitimate your email is or how much the recipient is looking forward to receiving it. Jupiter Research predicts that 39 percent of the email the average consumer receives this year will come from companies with no permission to contact that individual. Those […]

The Pareto Principle: Applying the 80/20 Rule

Italian economist Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto observed in 1906 that 80 percent of the land in Italy was owned by 20 percent of the population. Later, he observed this noteworthy ratio seemed to apply to other parts of life, such as gardening: 80 percent of his peas were produced by 20 percent of the peapods. […]

Increasing Your Conversion Rates

Some companies always “got it,” but way too many didn’t, including some of the biggest. And because of that, a lot of them are gone. But we’re all “getting it” now, aren’t we? If you’re going to survive, you have to focus on profitability and bottom-line results. Which brings us to this: Spending a fortune […]

It’s Not the Price, It’s the Value

I read a funny urban legend the other day about an apocryphal statement by a former astronaut. The comment went something like this: “It really makes you think when you realize you are hurtling through space in a craft built by the lowest bidder!” People have some interesting notions about what constitutes value. If they […]

What’s Really Surprising About E-Tailing? No Surprise

In a column titled “Some Online Retail Surprises,” New York Times columnist Bob Tedeschi reported some pretty obvious things, but they genuinely surprised the e-commerce industry. Why would they find the fundamentals of human persuasion so astonishing? Tedeschi writes (emphasis added): The Internet research firm comScore Networks released its list of the 25 highest-selling Web […]