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Myth 4: To Be a Bestseller, a Book Must Be Well Written

By Chris Maddock & Michael Drew Certainly any book that attains the aerie heights of bestsellerdom is artistic. Surely such a work must be the work of the muse. It must be well-written, right? Nope. Go to the non-fiction bestsellers section of your local bookstore, if you still have one of those. Read about a […]

Big Bad Publishing Myth 3: You Have to Be famous—Like Tom Brokaw—to Have Your Own, Significant Marketing Platform

By Chris Maddock & Michael Drew Sometime prior to 2004, a non-fiction manuscript called The Greatest Generation arrived at the desks of large publishing houses. Despite being a horrifically oversimplified and overgeneralized “historical” account about a generation that had to win a war but did little to lift up women or people of color during […]

7 Publishing Myths

7 Publishing Myths, by Chris Maddock and Michael Drew In the seven posts that follow this one, we’ll discuss some widespread publishing myths, how and why they’re false, and what the truth means to you and your own book. Each myth and its mirror reality make a great case for tactically blogging your book (the […]

Bad Writers Can Be Bestsellers, Too

How well you write has very little to do with whether you make the non-fiction bestsellers lists – or really whether you can create any kind of an audience for your book. There are authors – probably not bestsellers – who would argue this point. But they’d be mistaken. Sorry Sheakspeare, selling lots of books […]

4 Reasons to Write The Book 2.0 Way

Book 2.0 refers to writing a book via blog posts. This manner of book creation has several distinct advantages to the ivory tower method: 1. You’ll write your book. Too many would-be authors forget this important facet of author-dom. This “baby-steps” approach gets the words and ideas flowing with regularity. 2. You’ll find a voice […]