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Questions to Ask Your Publicist

Whether you are publishing with a traditional house, an independent publisher, or self-publishing, the bulk of book marketing responsibility is on you as the author. Many authors are choosing to hire a book publicist to help connect with readers and potential audience members. Before you hire a publicist, it is important to ask a few […]

The Future of Publishing?

by Greenleaf Book Group A fascinating and insightful video about the future of publishing. This video was created by the khaki group and presented by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books for an internal presentation, and has since spread throughout DK and Penguin Group. Watch it through to the very end. Things are not […]

Digital Disintegration: Preservation in the Age of Technology

by Auburn Rutledge Fox It’s a problem that most ofus haven’t considered. More writers than ever before look to the ease of the computer and word processing to practice their craft with an unprecedented ease. The days of scribbling notes in margins and scratching through lines has, except for a few nostalgic stalwarts, become a […]

What Your Publisher Does for You

What Your Publisher Does for You by Auburn Rutledge Fox For many aspiring writers, the process from finished manuscript to printed book is mired in mystery and misunderstanding. What, exactly, is the publisher doing from the point it receives your book until the point where eager readers can pick it up in a bookstore? Is […]

On (Book) Covers & Controversy

On (Book) Covers & Controversy by Auburn Rutledge Fox Everyone loves a good book cover. That’s indisputable—good covers catch our eye and drawn us in. Every good cover requires hours of work by the designer as part of a painstaking process to accurately reflect the content while appealing to the tastes of the target audience. […]

Author Photos: Best If You Look Like a Young Truman Capote

By Aaron Hierholzer Thinking back, a bandana may have helped persuade me to buy Infinite Jest. Had David Foster Wallace not looked so impossibly grungy on his dust jackets and back covers, I may have assumed the book to be the work of a pretentious jerk who was published at an age alarmingly close to […]

Become Even More Obsessed with Amazon Sales Ranks: Use Them for Market Analysis!

By Aaron Hierholzer We’ve told you about sites devoted to tracking sales ranks before, but here’s a new one: Tracking only books that have been added by users, the service offers several appealing features, including slick flash graphics, estimates of Amazon’s highly guarded sales numbers, and tracking of ranks on international Amazon sites. […]