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Are To-Do Lists Sabotaging Your Success?

To-do lists are an important part of my daily life, even more important than my morning cup of coffee. They help me organize my busy days as a multitasking work-at-home-mother. They also help me maintain laser sharp focus as I take specific, actionable steps each day to bring goals into reality. But to-do lists can actually […]

Confessions of a Multitask-aholic

Hi. My name is Kirsten, and I’m a multitask-aholic. I tried to kick the habit. I even interviewed Dave Crenshaw, bestselling author and industry expert on multitasking. Even though Dave’s message—that multitasking actual wastes your time—makes logical sense, I’ve stayed stuck in my multitasking ways. Call it a weakness. Call it a guilty pleasure. But […]

Goals Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go

I stopped setting goals. I suggest you stop, too. Before you and Zig Ziglar hurl rotten vegetables my way in protest, let me explain. Although I’ve stopped setting goals, I haven’t become a low-life couch potato whose primary function is taking up space and collecting dust. Quite the contrary. Rather than setting goals, I make […]

Cultivate Clarity To Seize Success

A series of painful lessons recently reminded me of the importance of cultivating clarity before taking massive action. By making assumptions, I ended up making a heck of a lot more work for myself. Ever been there? A few simple steps could have saved me a lot of time, energy and frustration. Oh, that I […]

Give Your Creativity a Boost

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. You have a routine. You have certain things you need to do everyday. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Walk the dog. Get the kids off to school. Get some work done. Pick up the kids. Eat dinner. Brush your teeth. Work some more. Squeeze in a few hours […]

2 Things Guaranteed to Get You What You Want Most

What two things will get you a fulfilling and satisfying life so you can leave meaningless and mediocre in the dust? A past U.S. President offered his two-word solution that will guide you to success. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, wasn’t a man of many words and was often called “Silent […]

Tips to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Making the switch to new technology harbors hidden costs. Steep learning curves compromise productivity, costing your company time and money. If you’re thinking about upgrading your technology, take a few proactive steps and minimize decreased productivity and increased irritation. Recently my beloved PC went the way of electronic items and crashed permanently. I decided to […]

What Children Can Teach You About Audacity

Be audacious. That’s how you grab and hold customers’ attention. That’s what makes a sale and buildsrelationships. Getting the attention of an adult can be harder than getting a hyperactive 4-year-old to pay attention. Every day your customers face a flood of commercials, ads, news and social media screaming to be noticed. My kids showed […]

The Best Way To Fail in Business

Word-of-mouth from a disgruntled customer spreads faster than wildfire. That disgruntlement comes usually from service rather than anything else. In his illuminating book The Culture Code Clotaire Rapaille, in examining cultural signifiers in different countries, found that in the U.S., what’s most important is great service. More important than quality. A Sampling in Shoddy Customer […]

Barnes & Noble Goes Couch-less

Barnes & Noble has always been a place I’ve loved to linger. Lined with comfy couches, and perfumed with the alluring scent of new books and fresh coffee, it’s a booklover’s heaven! But it would appear that the giant bookseller is changing its business model from a “hang-out-and-enjoy” model to a “buy-your-books-and-get-out” model. At least […]