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Mysteries: The Genre That Doesn’t Die

Bookshelves filled floor to ceiling, with deep leather club chairs nearby and a movable ladder handy to reach the dusty tomes on the top shelf, is what I envision for the study of my future home. I discovered my vivid imagination reflected in the ambiance and setting of the Mysterious Bookshop in NYC.Beyond my immediate […]

The “Book Business” from a True Veteran’s Perspective

A publishing career spanning half a century is my dream, and Jason Epstein is the icon and achiever of this goal. Epstein’s career is illustrious within the publishing world, boasting an impressive breadth and impact. Unlike many of the famous writers with whom he’s worked, including Auden and Nabakov, Epstein is still around to enjoy […]

Reading: Hobby or Lifestyle?

Have you ever had a favorite author/actor/singer and were so excited to support this talent in a new and diverse space, but found yourself so disappointed and couldn’t go back to idolizing their writing/acting/music? I’m going to assume that everyone has suffered through a comparable disappointment. I like to think I’ve gotten smart over the […]

Books & Business, with a Side of Pie

For me, a dedicated and driven shopper, the word Free doesn’t bring the same shiver of anticipation that Sample Sale does, as Free seems to denote something with no value. But, as I’ve recently learned from Chris Anderson, the implication of Free in the digital, non-tangible realm (purses, shoes, dresses, and such are not included) […]

The Booking Community Online

Growing up, I associated my “community” with distance – however far my parents were willing to drive to deliver me to play, and later the mileage I covered in my own car, cabs, trains, and planes. As I’ve continued to age, the boundaries shifted from place to place, but frequently covered tangible ground. Within my […]

Authors as Marketers

Gone are the days of the reclusive author, writing from a mountaintop only available to a lucky few by train, boat, and plane. Now there’s a whole new publishing world, where authors perceived as mediagenic may add a priceless flair and point of difference to their work. The nostalgic image of writer by candlelight, refusing […]

Latest “Symbol” in Book Publishing

As August begins to wind down, readers—those in publishing and even pop culture fans—are gearing up for what is commonly being trumpeted as the book of 2009: Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, on sale September 15. For some, the “gearing up” mentioned above may be excitement, trepidation, or even fear. As the sequel to Brown’s […]


What are books, exactly—treasured artifacts to be displayed behind glass, or objects to be enjoyed and devoured, like a good meal? I know that no book I actually enjoy leaves the experience unscathed. For the lucky few that I enjoy, I’ll refer back to the content often, dog-eared pages in my wake. While stories offer […]

Surprised by Young-Adult Books

Even though banning books isn’t standard practice in the U.S., I remember my parents trying to limit my promiscuous reading habits while I was growing up, believing Mary Higgins Clark and Tom Clancy to be inappropriate reading material for a child—–so of course I just snuck the books I wanted to read. But now that […]

‘Picture Books’ Aren’t Just for Kids

We’ve already experienced the Golden Age of movies and TVs—are we now in the Golden Age of Graphic Novels? In 2008, a tough year for the book industry, graphic novel (just “comics” or “picture books” to many people) sales went up 5% while most other book sales were going in the opposite direction. Appearing more […]