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Sex, Lawnmowers, & Rock n’ Roll

“Why you wanna work with us when you got two engineering degrees?” Antonio asked, his brown eyes boring holes into me. Sweat dripped off my grimy, dust-covered body in the afternoon of a sweltering Texas summer. The only music I heard roared from a grass-slicing lawnmower over the pulsing, Spanish beat on “La Nueva Digital, […]

Lessons from the East Side

My paying job at Motorola forced me to drive through the other world of East Austin every day. The people hanging out at convenience store street corners and in weed-filled parking lots riveted my attention.“Who are these people that don’t look like me? How could I ever possibly enter their world?” I thought about helping […]

Stepping into Another World

Let’s go back in time a bit. The ups and downs of poetry slams, drug dealers and emergency surgeries are too important for me to forget to mention. I may have already shown you the exit door of my engineering career at Motorola, but you haven’t witnessed the progression of steps that helped me find […]

Cut My Head Off!

“Cut my head off! God told me to ask you to take this samurai sword and cut my head off.” “I’m not so sure, Peter. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.” “No, it’s going to be ok,” I reassured him. “I’ll be fine. God told me.” We went back and forth a few more […]

Penguin Toes

By Peter Nevland Penguins curl their bulbous toes to avoid exploding landmines. “Give me any topic, and I can connect this introduction to it.” The class members took a second to process my challenge and then began firing away… “Ice Cream,”… “He loves me,”… “A Rocket Ship to Jupiter!”… Ideas grew in my brain as […]