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Look, Ma! I’m on Video–and My Book Sales Are Booming!

This article is being written for a blog. I’m communicating information that may help you market your business book to a large audience of eager readers. I’m writing it on a blog. A blog is a webpage meant to create engagement through sharing opinions, allowing anyone to offer a comment on the original comment for […]

Twitter Me—Please Don’t Call

The new Web 2.0 world of social networking and blogging has some people seeing red when it comes to writing. It isn’t merely college English professors, or paid journalists, or newspaper reporters who are quick to point out the younger generation’s “disrespect of the English language.” It isn’t merely the acronyms that come with text-messaging […]

Starting Your Publishing Business

It’s been a wild and crazy two months. April saw Tom and I traveling from New York City to home, and then to Toronto. Then home again and off to Washington, D.C. After that, two days at home and then on a plane to Austin, TX, where we met Michael Drew, the founder of this […]

Publishing Vanity — or Self-Publish?

Anyone who has not heard the acronym UGC is living under a rock, these days. User-generated content is all the rage. The term started with blogs and wikis, those self-authored web pages full of family photos and conversations with the two-year-old. It has since morphed to include anything written on the net by consumers. This […]

Fiction Vs Business Writing—A Melding

Lee Thayer, professor and leadership author, says all communication is based on interpretations. He will tell you, as he often tells me, that the listener or reader interprets what’s said or written according to how she understands the words, the sentence structure, and even the underlying message or description. You can read his theories on […]

What to Do When Oprah Calls —– Be Ready!

First of all, Oprah, herself, isn’t going to call. If you do get a call, it will likely be from one of Oprah’s producers. Like her magazine, the Oprah show has a lot of supporting help behind the scenes. In her magazine, the publisher’s name may be at the top of the masthead, but it’s […]

The Oprah Factor

What is the Oprah Factor? It’s knowing that if Oprah endorses you, you will be successful. Certainly, that’s the expectation, isn’t it? The truth is a bit trickier—–because success comes at a price, and if you’re not prepared, you will go from overjoyed to being overwhelmed. Let’s face it; everyone wants to be on Oprah. […]

Why Amazon Isn’t the Only Game in Town

Last week I wrote about the strong-arm tactics is using to force POD publishers into using BookSurge for printing. BookSurge is an Amazon company, bought in 2004, for its POD functionality. The huge online store may have had other reasons, in addition to the POD functionality, for buying BookSurge, but I don’t know what […]

What Is Amazon Up To?

The Big Bully on the Playground If you’re a self-published author, especially if you’re using print-on-demand (POD), you’re probably aware of the story circulating the Internet alleging that is using bullying tactics. Those are the nice reports. Other reports and comments allegedly accuse Amazon of trying to create a monopoly, which violates anti-trust laws. […]

The Future of Print–Where Will We Be in 20 Years?

Some time ago I received an email from Dee Barizo who helps run an ink cartridge site, She wanted to share her recent posting on the “History of Print.” I found it fascinating and decided to share some with you, here at Beneath the Cover. Dee begins her post with a stat that will […]