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The System Known as Print on Demand (POD)

I continue to come across misinformation on the net about Print On Demand (POD) publishing. One area of confusion is in the terms: POD publishing and POD printing. Not everyone makes the distinction, but there is one. POD Printing involves exactly what it says: creating a printed version of something, be it a brochure, a […]

Why Publishing Costs So Much–Part III

[Again, with thanks to David R. Young, a free-lance writer and editor based in Rochester, New York] Variable Costs… Book manufacturing has its costs, too. Book printing is generally done on large printing presses, some sheet fed, others fed by rolls of paper (web presses). They’re large, costly to buy, and must be operated by […]

Why Publishing Costs So Much–Part II

The Many Names of Publishing [with thanks to editor Dave Young of Rochester, NY] For many decades, publishing companies called “vanity presses” have existed to help authors get their books in print. These companies will professionally print, bind, and deliver hundreds of books (for thousands of dollars) to your garage. They may do some of […]

Why Publishing Costs So Much–Part I

[Offered with thanks to Dave Young, who has over 50 years’ experience in publishing. A respected colleague of mine, who has been in the book business a bit longer than I, and who has seen times change dramatically over the years, wrote an article for our publishing blog two years ago, and the content is […]

POD Myths Dispelled–Get the Scoop Here!

This post is in direct response to something I saw on the Internet that took POD publishing to task. I will be the first person to admit that not all POD publishers are created equal. Some are more reputable than others. Some offer more services than others. Some call themselves publishers when they are really […]

Self-Publishing: Notes from the Net

Today, I’d like to share news from a variety of sources all over the net; news on the growing popularity of Print-On-Demand (POD) as a respectable resource for any and all new authors–along with some marketing advice. This is not only because POD is what I do –it’s because I’m seeing so much positive reporting […]

Mark Twain: Writing with Wit

I read a marketing article this week titled, “Move over Seth Godin, Einstein’s Here” by Max Kalehoff, over at Mediapost (NOTE: free subscription may be required), and it got me to thinking about—writing and self-publishing and how writers who have gone before us, still influence us today. Kalehoff used a number of Einstein quotes to […]

Share and Share Alike: Why Customization Is Taking Over

Consumer-generated media is all the rage. Technology provides each of us with the means to create all manner of content, at will. The average world citizen today has literally taken over the publishing world, and woe be to those industry professionals who ignore this emerging trend. The truth is, today’s citizen journalists have traversed the […]

The Best Writers Have Unequaled Passion —

— For Their Work and For Their Words Day before yesterday, I attended a luncheon being held by the local chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Business Owners). I was drawn to this event by an email note announcing the speaker: Kitty Van Bortel, who owns the largest Subaru dealership in the Upstate NY region. […]

Book Marketing Gets Social

In the world of book sales, traditional publishers require new authors to create an extensive marketing plan – well before their manuscript is accepted for publication. In fact, new authors are NOT likely to get accepted for publication if they don’t include a well-thought out marketing plan. Over the past three years, I’ve worked with […]