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True Confessions of a Writing Slut or Two

The stories you are about to read are true. No names are used—to protect the story-tellers. The story-tellers are all good people, and the fact that they were duped into selling the rights to their work, or into wasting time creating something they ultimately had to pay for, or falsely believing the their publisher was […]

The One Book Your Mother Doesn’t Want You to Read!

How to Choose Your Book Title So, there you are, at your local independent bookstore and you’re browsing the books on the table in the front of the store. They aren’t discounted books, they’re new releases. At this moment, you’re just looking for … something interesting. If you saw a book with the title above, […]

A Quiz about Writing

Do You Have The Right Answers to These Questions? Before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, ask yourself the following six questions (if you can answer them not only quickly, but effectively, you may get on that coveted “published author” list you’re so dying to be on): Here we go: What is the […]

I’m Your Editor, Not Your Coach or Your Mother

Yes, I know writing a book is time-consuming and task-intensive. Yes, I know most new writers need some hand-holding. Yes, I know how easy it is to get distracted. But when you sign a contract to have your book published, whether with a traditional publisher or with a POD (Print On Demand) publisher, it’s still […]

Success Becomes You: Book as Business Card

So, when it comes to being an author, what is success? Is success finally seeing your words in print? Is it the accomplishment of finally being done writing (for the moment, anyway)? Or is it having something to hand out to clients (book as business card) that you know will not go into their pocket […]

So, You Want To Be a Best Selling Author?

Good for you! What are you going to write about? How about something really exotic – something that hasn’t been done yet, like a book on cats? Oh, wait… Amazon currently has 311,183 books listed for cats. Well, how about something informative? What do you know that nobody else does? Gardening? You love to garden, […]

Dreaming Of Publication? Here’s Help…

Dreaming Of Publication? Here’s Help… In the last month or so, I’ve met with and talked to probably a dozen budding new authors. Most of these talented individuals are writing business books, which is one focus at my publishing firm. Others are writing children’s books, poetry, and memoirs. There is one quality they each have […]

Self-Publishing: A Bad Rap Overturned

Self-publishing – the act of paying to have your book produced and printed, after you’ve written it – gets a bad rap. Offer self-publishing to a writer and most of them immediately think, “vanity press.” Vanity pres is an old, Twentieth Century way of getting a book published by hiring a printer to take care […]

Publishing a Book in the New Millennium

The Print On Demand Publishing Model: An Introduction I’m a publisher. I publish business books, mainly on topics written to enhance an author’s reputation or to educate his or her market niche. When I tell people what I do, their eyes light up and they get this, “Wow! What a neat job!” look in their […]