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How Your Process Should Work for Readers

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In our last post, we looked at the necessity of building hope into your book, as well as in how you convey your big idea to clients and readers. We spoke about how every book needs four essential elements: a big idea, hope, a method (or nuts and bolts) and entertainment (usually in the form […]

Your Important Big Idea

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In our last post, we looked at how bestselling books must appeal to each of the four main personality types – competitive, humanistic, methodical and spontaneous, by providing a big idea (for the competitive personality), hope (for humanistic people), nuts and bolts (for those who are methodical_ and entertainment (for those who are spontaneous). All […]

What’s the Big Idea? Elements of Success in Your Book

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In our last post, we looked at the results, changes and consequences you want your book – and message or service – to have on your audience. We also mentioned that it’s important that your work surprise and entertain people. How do these factors contribute to the success of your message and, in nonfiction books, […]

Creating Conflict, Giving Hope in Your Work

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In our last post, we looked at determining what it is that sets your book apart, and what sets you apart – what you do that no one else does. We mentioned how the late screenwriter Henry Bromell asked himself five big questions for every scene he wrote or directed: 1. Have we seen this […]

What’s New In What You Do?

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In our last post, we looked at the things you ask yourself as you create a “journey” for your buyer – this helps you truly identify what it is that you offer, what it is that you want your clients to do (how you want them to act or feel in using your product or […]

The Story of You and Your Customer

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In our uncovery sessions with clients, we work with them to have them tell us the story of their business, and also the story of the journey they want their customers or clients to take with them. We help clients create virtual scenic routes so that their clients’ needs are served. We all tell a […]

What Makes You Better?

Entrepreneurs often say that they’re better than the competition, but on a point-by-point basis they sometimes find it hard to explain exactly why. Products, services, even price. But what specifically about the product, what in particular about the services set you apart? And why is your price what it is? This is all part of […]

Uncovering Your Truth

People think they know what they do, or what they want to do. But they’re actually often pretty vague about it. They believe they know who their customers are. They think they know what their ideas consist of and what their message is. But when we ask them to identify the specifics of a customer, […]

Meeting the Demands of a New Book Marketplace

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As I mentioned in our last post, the way books are read, marketed and bought has changed. There’s no going back to paper alone, despite what some traditionalists wish. To meet the demands of the new marketplace, both writers (including entrepreneurs who wish to become bestselling authors), and publishers, need to Accept reality. Books have […]

Drumming Up Interest in Your Book Long Before It’s Published

Beneath the Cover, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity well

You don’t have much time to make a mark on readers once your book is published. Even after bookstores stock your book, they usually give the book fewer than 90 days (if that) to prove that you have the marketing platform and the public relations to drive sales. Good will means nothing here: good sales […]