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Being Your Own Marketing Manager

You must transition yourself from simply being the author of your book to being its marketing manager. This is a difficult transition. It’s a little like a shift from being a parent to being an employer of your children. You go from thinking that your children are the best and the brightest to recognizing their […]

Author Strategy and Tactics

While the realities of your emerging role as a book promoter of your own books in a flooded market might seem overwhelming, you need to consider the long-range benefits of these efforts. Instead of relying on a publisher to market your book for just that short term that’s relevant to the publisher, you have the […]

The Extended Benefits of Authorship

Here’s a specific example of how you can continue to gain from publicity long after your book is published. Suppose you are in the waiting room of your dentists’ office. You pick up an old magazine and read a review of Roy Williams’s “Secret formulas of the Wizard of Ads.” Let’s say the review mention’s […]

Author Responsibilities and Benefits

It used to be that an author wrote a book and a publisher did the rest, from editing and designing the book to printing it, distributing it and marketing it. Today’s authors need to do a lot more. Certainly in the past major authors were given grand launch parties and book signings. They were interviewed […]

The Author’s Position: You Can Promote Your Book

To become the author everyone is talking about, you need to work hard to promote yourself and your book. You need to have a specific plan for achieving success, and you need to possess the necessary name recognition and reputation for bringing people to bookstores to buy your book (or who will do the same […]

The Author’s Position: The Reality of Publishing

Many books, perhaps most of them, should not be published. Nor should they be distributed through nationwide retail bookstore chains or even on some online platforms. This doesn’t mean to say that most books are of low editorial quality (though most aren’t all that good, as anyone who browses a bookstore knows), but that the […]

The Author’s Position: What You Don’t Know

As a newcomer to the book industry you will most likely view it from the perspective of your own product. You acknowledge the quality and importance of your message. You have an idea of what your target readership looks like and you may even have a sense of how to reach that readership, though you […]

The Author’s Position: Tactics & Techniques

Recent and continuing changes in the book industry have most affected the role and the position of authors. Of course, traditional publishers are trying to maneuver through this new landscape as well, as authors have begun to take more upon themselves (and as publishers, trying to cut back on expenses have delegated some of their […]