Be Prepared For Your Success

That’s right, I said success.  If you have an idea for your business or an idea for a business, chances are that, if you are passionate about it, you are going to have some success.  Be prepared for your success.

It seems as if telling someone to be prepared for success shouldn’t be necessary but it is.  We spend a lot of time convincing the world that we are right and far less time on what to do once the world agrees with us.  Sometimes our self confidence can lead us astray and cause us to not look ahead at what’s coming.

The reality is that rapid growth is just as much of a danger to a business as slow growth is. When you have rapid growth you need the ability to control that growth as well as systems and processes in place to manage the business on a day-to-day basis.

Growth control- This is important particularly in a manufactured goods business.  Resources are oftentimes limited and you must be able to grow at a rate that your business can feasibly maintain.  Even a service business needs to be aware of their financial constraints as the need arises for more infrastructure and employees.  Don’t outgrow your resources.

Systems and Processes- Systems are so critical to your business.  A good first step to systems is to look at how much your business can grow as it is now without having to change and when do you anticipate that happening.  That’s your first benchmark.  Then look at what will be needed as your organization grows.  How big is your staff going to be?  What technology will you need?  Do you have a procedures outline for new people that are brought on?  And the list goes on and on.

When it comes to being prepared for success one quick thing that you can do right now is map out your vision for the idea or process.  And I mean write it down.  It can’t exist solely in your head, it must be articulated on paper.  Once you have that down you can start building a loose framework for how the vision can become a reality.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to planning?  How much planning is too much?

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