Be The Best For Yourself

There are a lot of areas to focus on in business.  Accounting, entity structure, employees, marketing, etc.  But I don’t want you to do any of it that until you have focused on one thing.


Normally we don’t preach about being self centered, but there are times when that is important.  In the case of building your business, you can’t be the best for others until you are the best for yourself.  This was introduced to me by Jeffrey Gitomer in the Little Red Book of Sales and it makes total sense.

Here’s why self wins in business:

Create More Value:  When you understand what you bring to the table as an individual, you can then understand how to best put your talents to use in the marketplace to serve others.

Be More Clear: When you have clarity, you can save yourself the time that others, who are less clear, waste on projects they have no business doing.  You will be much better at saying the magic word of success…no.  When you say no to useless opportunities, you are saying yes to your success and saying yes to a life and your family.  All good things.

Be More Successful: There are a lot of reasons why self wins, but it really comes down to success.  When you know who you are and what you bring to the table, you have an advantage over most of the people in your space who are just guessing.  Have you ever had someone come to you with a business proposition where you didn’t understand what they were bringing to the table in the deal?  Me too, and the funny thing is that they didn’t know what they were bringing to the table either.  They were hoping you would tell them.  Those people don’t win.

I don’t want you to turn into a total narcissist, but I do want you to have crystal clear understanding of your ability and the value that you can create with it.  When you have that in place, you can’t be stopped.

How has personal clarity opened up a door for you to success?  Would love to hear your story, and it would be helpful to other readers.

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One Response to “Be The Best For Yourself”

  1. Chantal December 14, 2010 at 6:48 pm #

    I find it very interesting when folks decide that I am going to “Love ” their new business opportunity,

    and that I is exactly what I want.

    I don’t like that, show me what you have, and let me decide

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