Becoming Intimate with Who Your Audience Is

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, build intimacy, knowledge of personasIn my last post, we took a look at why it’s important to be specific when coming up with the story of your individual client personas, in order to get at the humanity behind the demographics.

Here we’ll go into a little more detail about personas themselves. What’s the purpose of using personality traits and temperaments? Because these details help each persona whom you create become like a real person to you. In addition to humanizing data behind your demographic, the details help you make an emotional connection with the individuals who make up your audience, who are represented by the personas you have created. You want to build intimacy with your audience, and it’s easier to do that when you know who your audience really is.

I’ll outline a few exercises in the next several posts that may help you understand some of the fears, hopes and attitudes of a individual personas. You’ll also understand their biases and dreams. This understanding will help you empathize and sympathize with these fictionalized personas about the lives we’ve created for them, their needs and their desires—enough to feel that you’re one of their best friends. When you understand people, you can communicate more effectively in your copy, through your product and the other ways in which you engage with your audience.

Your audience needs to get comfortable enough to open its hearts to you—an audience needs to get to know, like and trust you. Remember, all of your potential buyers and even readers are driven by their core values to satisfy certain needs.

Today, people do want to be part of a community and to connect with other people and groups who share similar values, interests and ideals (it’s not for nothing that special-interest groups are so important on Facebook). When you satisfy your audience’s needs and values, its members will feel at home in your community and comfortable building a deeper relationship with you. You can further that relationship by using your knowledge of personas to help you identify your audience’s problems and needs—allowing you to meet those specific needs in a persona-specific manner.

We’ll continue to explore this going forward.

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