Brad Axelrad

A successful Entrepreneur and marketer for almost two decades, Brad Axelrad has produced over 100 live events which showcase internationally-known speakers covering topics including leadership, Entrepreneurialism, publicity, business strategy, effective communication and social consciousness. He has been featured in such notable media outlets as NBC Nightly News, PBS Television, Orange County Register, LA Times and USC/News 21. As a Consultant, Event Producer, Published Author and Connector of Visionaries Worldwide, he has interviewed and been on stage with top thought-leaders in both business and personal development and Best-Selling Authors. As a leading expert in strategic alliances and viral marketing strategies, he teaches people how to Expertize, Monetize, Productize and Celebritize themselves to create outstanding results.

Brad is personally committed to his clients and attendees experiencing cooperative, supportive relationships that help amplify their life purpose, giving them traction in their personal and professional lives. His purpose in life is to create communities around the world (physical and internet-based) which will transform lives of thousands of others who chose to incorporate these principles into their lives. As these communities grow and expand, so does his humility and gratitude.

As an expert collaborator and networker, he has put together a powerhouse network of individuals that includes well-known people in the personal and business transformation space.  His clear understanding of systems and outsourcing is driven by an extensive background in business and technology.