Business is Freedom

What do you like about the idea of owning a business?  I doubt it’s tax strategies.  I am pretty sure it’s not creating systems and processes.  What really drives business owners to go out on their own is freedom.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t just own a business, you own your life.  You call the shots.  You decide how you are going to attempt to create value.  You.  You. You.

This concept of freedom is a double edged sword.  It inspires us to take the first step on one hand .  On the other hand it is also what seems to keep entrepreneurs from creating structure and discipline within their business.  It’s like we all grew up in a military household (Corporate America) and now we aren’t going to clean our rooms now matter how messy it looks just to prove a point.

For business owners who are having a hard time with structuring their business and defining results try this on.

Freedom in business lies in having a business that is organized and structured.  For instance, defining end results as part of this so that you have an idea of where you want to take your business. Doing this simple task helps your business to run smoother and get’s you to your destination much faster than if you tried to wing it.

Knowing how you are going to achieve success and creating the conditions to make that happen ensures that your dreams of freedom are realized in your business.

You may be asking yourself right now, “What about my creativity?  Won’t it be stifled with structure?”  Alas no it won’t.  Having a loose structure gives you some boundaries with which to create so that your ability to be creative can flourish.

As Rolo May, psychologist and author of The Courage to Create, said, “Creativity is best when it has limits, which force the ‘dream’ into useable form.”

Look at your business right now and ask yourself if you are truly free.  Are you working efficiently or chaotically?  Create definition and structure for your business and enjoy the freedom of business ownership.

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