Write a Book for Gain (Forget the Pain)

If you are writing a book, you should be doing it with the knowledge that you’ll be building your business.
If you’re writing a book, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to focus, and you tell yourself from time to time how you’re going to lose out if you don’t finish.
But that’s the wrong…


Earnings and New Authors

Most authors need another job to continue to earn a living. And most readers of Beneath the Cover know that a book is a business builder, that is, a kind of calling card for one’s business and expertise.
Many people who work with us on marketing and book promotion have books that are published in a…


Living as a Writer, Living through Books

No one owes you a living. No one owes writers a living. No one owes artists a living. No one owes anyone a living. Depending on which country, which culture, you grew up in, and where you are, the attitude toward livelihood might change. In some countries, people consider it the role of the government…


The Don’t List

Many people accomplish things by setting goals. But they also set limits.
You can’t do everything – not that you’re not talented and all. You don’t have the time to do everything well, even if you’re a gifted performer and writer and whatever like James Franco.
So to get back to writing your book, or to finish…


Getting Started, Getting Going

How you structure your day affects what you accomplish.
Yes,  I’m talking about lists.
You’d be amazed at how effective simple list-making can mean. I’m at the beginning of a big project that involves many separate documents to edited or written, organizing those documents into a coherent sequence and creating a calendar for the dissemination of that…


The Shadow Industry

While traditional publishing counts for the bulk of all books that reach bookstores – brick-and-mortar or virtual – there is a significant shadow industry of self-publishing that accounts for, by some estimates, around $1 billion a year in sales.
That’s a long shadow.
But, as J.A. Konrath points out in his always-excellent and thought-provoking blog, A Newbie’s…


The Non-Existent Amazon War

Some writers should have it so good.
Stephen Colbert, who happens to be a Hachette author (Hachette is a giant publishing company, for those who may not yet know this, or even care about it) in addition to being a television personality, has been very pro-Hachette, naturally, in remarks concerning the so-called war between Amazon and…


E-books and the Future of Publishing

The publishing industry is doing well. In fact, last year it had $27 billion in net revenue, according to the Association of American Publishers, and sold something like 2.7 billion units.
What’s most surprising is that, although trade paperbacks remain the number-one format for books, the greatest strength comes from the growth of e-books, which had…


Amazon the Goliath

“We don’t shop Amazon anymore,” said one agent at a gathering I attended last night. I have a feeling this agent was exaggerating just a little bit. But she wanted to make the point that she’s trying to get her books the old-fashioned way, in a brick-and-mortar bookstore.
The point beyond that was that Amazon was…


Summer Reading

You see a lot of summer reading stories around at this time of year. Do people still have time to laze away on a vacation with a bagful of books they can pore over while swinging in a seaside hammock?
Not so much. Still, folks like to think they will have the time to get to…