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Good Writing vs. Fine Writing

I once read a review of a noted writer’s latest book in which the reviewer said something to the effect of, “We have here many examples of his fine writing. Which isn’t to be confused with good writing.” Ouch.
I know what the reviewer meant, though. Although having your own style is something, saying something clearly [...]

Don’t Get Locked into Using Jargon

You may notice that certain words and terms begin to crop up in newspaper or magazine articles, and on television reports, without these words or terms being explained. I’m not speaking about vocabulary – we all need to consult a dictionary now and then. I’m referring to phrases such as “fiscal cliff” (already passé), “twerking” [...]

A Book’s Content, Not Its Format, Is What Counts

Someday we’ll just refer to books as books. Not paperback books. Not audio books. Not e-books. Not self-publishedbooks.
The boundaries between the formats are coming down, though there remains a bit of hesitation. In today’s New York Times, there was an article about a new e-book whose authors assert that the advance of technology will continue [...]

What Do You Stand For?

There comes a time in every business, in every organization, in every life when the pressure to compromise is paramount–when temptation, like a juicy green apple, is inviting you to take a bite.
You shouldn’t fear that moment, you should welcome it.  It is these moments that define you, embolden you, sharpen you.
What you need to [...]

Erupting in Spontaneous Fun –> That’s Authentic

Everyone is talking about authenticity. Some dull it down and intellectualize it. Give me a break (haha). The reality is authenticity (i.e., “the spice of life”) happens every moment…if you allow it. After all, why go through your day without creating wild fun? Kind of boring right…
Well good news, because we’re not going [...]

Solve the Authentic vs. Fake Problem

Talking authentic and being authentic are two completely different things.
There’s so much talk about authenticity. It’s becoming one of the most common buzz words. Even people that belly-ached 6 months ago that the word was to “fluffy” are now using the word in their everyday vocabulary. And it’s popping up everywhere in marketing. For example, [...]

“I Have to Just LOVE It!”

A statement was made to my agent last month by a publisher’s editor. The editor was explaining how, in these difficult times for fiction, she determines which manuscripts she carries forward: “I have to just love it!” was her criteria for accepting fiction manuscripts. This leads me to ask, “Why do you just have [...]

Editorial Discussions: The Dialogues of Author & Editor

There is a unique nature and value to editorial discussions that makes them an integral and continuing activity throughout the creative/editorial process.
The essential elements that give such discussions value are:
Interactive immediacy. Because editor and author are talking directly to each other, each can immediately respond to what’s been said. In this way, each is [...]

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