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Tracking Your Book

Make your books can be tracked, even self-published ones, so that they get noticed by the bestseller lists.
It may be awhile before the big bestseller lists pay attention to self-published books, but it’s likely to happen as the industry continues to evolve.
At the moment, many entrepreneurs who are writing or want to write a book [...]

E-reading and ‘Real’ Reading

It seems that reading at a computer isn’t as efficient or as powerful for you as reading a book.
But that seems obvious, doesn’t it? At the computer, you’re sitting before a screen rather than seated comfortably absorbing words on a page.
Apparently, according to a study out of Norway, reported on the publishing site GalleyCat, we [...]

E-Book Pricing, E-Book Readers

You may have seen a full-page New York Times ad taken out by 900 or so well-compensated traditionally published authors to protest against Amazon daring to negotiate e-book prices with the big publisher Hachette (which wants to keep e-book prices high). As if Amazon were taking more money from these authors’ accounts.
But Amazon is in [...]

Unlimited Reading

Did you know that on some of the BitTorrent-enabled sites where you can downloaded movies free (let’s call it pirating) you can also find bestselling books?
That’s more than you can get if you take part in Kindle Unlimited (or, really, other sites, such as  Oyster or Scribd). Those are “streaming” sites for books that promise [...]

Publishers Creeping Into Digital

They should have done it a long, long time ago, but finally some publishers are selling directly to consumers, and also taking advantage of the surging self-publishing market.
Random House, for example, has launched an online cookbook store, TasteBook, which is dedicated to cookbooks and books about food.
And Atria, a division of Simon & Schuster (which [...]

The Ongoing Boxing Match: Amazon vs. Hachette

If you follow the publishing industry you’ve seen quite a few articles and blogs on the dispute between Amazon and Hachette. One is a giant retailer, the other a giant publisher.
Amazon is demanding higher royalties (and lower prices on e-books) from Hachette. Hachette is demanding, well, who knows? It doesn’t seem to speaking for its [...]

The Don’t List

Many people accomplish things by setting goals. But they also set limits.
You can’t do everything – not that you’re not talented and all. You don’t have the time to do everything well, even if you’re a gifted performer and writer and whatever like James Franco.
So to get back to writing your book, or to finish [...]

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