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What Makes a Successful Book

No one knows anything, to paraphrase the noted screenwriter William Goldman (“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” among many others). He was talking about Hollywood, of course, and how impossible it was to predict whether a film would be a hit or a flop.
But he could just as well have been referring to publishing. Or [...]

Give It Away to Gain Readers

To get the attention of potential readers, give away what you write.
If you’re writing a book, share parts of it as you go. A chapter, a few chapters, the whole thing.
People want to see what you’re like (or what your writing is like) before they commit to you. And even if you’ve given away everything, [...]

Writing for Readers or Writing for Clickbait

More and more, newspapers determine how well a reporter does by how well his or her stories do in terms of being clicked through or shared, on whether they rise   to the top of most-viewed stories.
Some news or media organizations judge the popularity of stories, and ultimately, perhaps, their worth, by their clickbait quotient. That [...]

The Deluge of Books

You might think it’s hard to get noticed in today’s publishing marketplace.
You’d be right.
Not only are there something like 3.4 million Kindle books on Amazon, a new book is made available every five minutes – or 12 new books an hour.
Most of those are undoubtedly independent, self-published books. But still – you’ve got a lot [...]

Is Your Network a Mile Wide But an Inch Deep?

Is your personal network deep or shallow?  Chances are, it’s a bit of both.  The question is, how strong is the deep part of your personal network?
A shallow network is where all of the people you meet will start out – and where, in my opinion, far too many of them will remain. In the [...]

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