The Book as Object of Beauty

As ebooks have overtaken hard backs and paperbacks in sales, publishers are going the old-fashioned route and stressing design of the physical object. They are looking to create objects that are collectable, to compete, even in a small way, with the growth of books that are merely stored on tablets or smart phones or e-readers.

On (Book) Covers & Controversy

On (Book) Covers & Controversy
by Auburn Rutledge Fox

Everyone loves a good book cover. That’s indisputable—good covers catch our eye and drawn us in. Every good cover requires hours of work by the designer as part of a painstaking process to accurately reflect the content while appealing to the tastes of the target audience.
To see…

Grammar Police

I meant to start this article earlier, but I was too busy on my Facebook page taking The Ultimate Grammar Quiz. (If you have a Facebook account, click here to take the quiz.)
Got an A+! Yes! Not a surprise, considering my friends call on me to proofread everything from documents to Dear John letters (really)…

Braving a “Quill Flogging”

I boxed up my ego, my pride of accomplishment, my certainty that I am a good writer, my belief that anyone who feels otherwise simply is out of touch with reality, and submitted my first chapter of Vamonos!, my second novel, to Ray Rhamey’s blog Flogging the Quill – “Turn the Page” critique.
I followed…

Total Immersion & Time

Achieving total immersion in an evolving book is one of the editor’s essential goals in beginning each new stage of editing.
By nature, immersion is a process that the editor engages in, to enter and live in the world of the book. That process and its goal of totality are like the editor’s entering a body…

Creativity: Interconnecting & Enriching

There are two essential activities that occur as a book is developed and edited, and they become possible after the book’s fundamental concept is established:
* Interconnecting is the consideration of everything in the book as it’s been written, with the ultimate goal of establishing all the new and unifying connections that are conceivable at…

In Harmony

The author and editor are in harmony and at their most productive when they have a relationship of mutual respect, trust, confidence, dedication, and appreciation.
Establishing and maintaining such a relationship is one of an editor’s ultimate goals because it maximizes the opportunities to assist in writing and contributing to a book.
Such an harmonious relationship is…

Creative Potential & the Editor

At the start of each new stage of editing, editors expand their comprehension of the evolving book. They also understand more deeply their author’s creative capacity because of what they’ve achieved in the latest writing and revising.
On the basis of that combined, greater comprehension of author and book, the editor makes additional suggestions for…