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The ‘Sales Clock’ and the Prospect

For an entrepreneur, sales and networking go hand in hand. Consequently, this month, I’d like to talk about sales. A few weeks ago, sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the young man next to me. He was wearing a nice suit, carrying a laptop, and [...]

The Power of Strong Ties…and the Strength of Weak Ties Debunked!

Written by Ivan Misner and Max Steén
Max Steén, the co-author of this piece, conducted a study as part of his Masters thesis, entitled: The Strength of Strong Ties in Business Networks.  The results of this study showed that those who focused on strong ties – rather than weak ties – were able to increase the number [...]

Purposeful Meal Meetings

So, what exactly is a purposeful meal meeting? First, I’ll clarify what it is not. It’s not a way to escape work; it’s not a time to have three martinis; it’s not a romantic date; and it’s not about critiquing new restaurants or reviewing fine wines. All these things can be great fun; I’m not arguing [...]

Finding Your Niche, Even in a Narrow Field

If your field is somewhat specialized, and you have an idea for a book you want to write, you may find that others have gotten there before you.
This is natural: many experts on a subject want to cement their expertise by writing a book that will demonstrate their leadership in the field.
What if you find [...]

What Motivates People in Referral Relationships?

Why did you get out of bed this morning? What made you wear those shoes today? What has you going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone? What makes you attracted to that particular businessperson? What makes you choose to go to that networking event? Why did you want to talk to that person and [...]

When Is it a Pleasure to Heart, ‘I Need a Favor/”

Most of us have been in situations where someone has asked for a favor long before he’s built the social capital to make such a request of us.
Building deep referral relationships is almost completely dependent upon the social capital you have built with someone. Social capital is similar to financial capital in a very important [...]

Attitude Is a Choice – Choose Wisely!

Recently I’ve had several situations arise which have reminded me yet again that attitude shapes the outcome of everyday dealings in huge ways. Because of this, I decided to visit this idea in this month’s column.
Some days my schedule involves marathon radio interviews beginning at 4 a.m. As you can imagine, getting up at an [...]

Book Recommendations: Traditional or Not

Does your local newspaper carry book reviews?
Do you even read them if they happen to appear?
The answer to both is probably no.
Chances are you rely more on word-of-mouth and Internet browsing to come upon new works. Or you read blogs by favorite writers or entrepreneurs who might recommend something. Or you have your own platform, [...]

6 Press Release Strategies for 2013

Abstract: The press release strategies that worked so well for you over the last 3-4 years will be less effective in 2013. These six press release strategies will improve your online visibility and power of persuasion.
2012 was a strange year for the press release. Google Pandas and Penguins ran amok and almost brought [...]

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