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Book Recommendations: Traditional or Not

Does your local newspaper carry book reviews?
Do you even read them if they happen to appear?
The answer to both is probably no.
Chances are you rely more on word-of-mouth and Internet browsing to come upon new works. Or you read blogs by favorite writers or entrepreneurs who might recommend something. Or you have your own platform, [...]

Best Seller…Achieve Your Goal or $125,000 Money Pit?

You want results with your book and business. Plain and simple. Why splash around with marketing efforts and teams who have little or no track record?
Fortunately, Garrett Gunderson (entrepreneur, speaker, and NY Times Best Selling Author) is selfless enough to admit, he did this. Wasted time and $125,000 down the tubes! As you’ll see, he [...]

Small Press, Big Success

How a Pulitzer shows that the publishing world still doesn’t get it
When Paul Harding won a Pulitzer Prize a few weeks ago for his novel, “Tinkers,” small publishers everywhere were thrilled, and big publishers everywhere (although there aren’t that many big publishers left) once again proved how their decision only to buy books they are sure will be blockbusters not only has left [...]

“Let the Wild Rumpus Start!”

Monsters roar, colors shriek, terror looms, but one “still” command bows them all at his feet – until the “wild rumpus” begins. You can feel the heat of jungle fires, taste the salty ocean spray, hear your heart pound with fear in the presence of sharpened fangs ready for a tasty treat. It’s [...]

Controversy Sells Books

Controversy sells books, of course, even bad books. But for serious-minded books, a controversial reception can mean the difference between a certain grudging respect and actual success.
You may have heard of a new novel, The Kindly Ones, by Jonathan Littell, published in English a few weeks ago. The book was first published in France in [...]

Pick One: Open Methodology or Slave to Technology

You wouldn’t believe how many companies place their businesses at the mercy of their technology. You’d expect technology to be at the beck and call of business and its rules. Technology is supposed to enhance and optimize businesses, not govern and hinder. Sadly, that’s not the case.Tech issues are fundamental. They affect return on investment [...]

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