Publishing a Bestseller: Distribution, Marketing

To give you a better idea of how Promote A Book is able to ensure that you reach best-seller status by playing by the rules (no cheating, scamming or dishonesty involved—ever!), let’s look at the how key players work together to determine which books will become best sellers.
There are three elements to the success of…


Fishing for a Market

How do you know if the book you write will sell? Consider whether you have the energy to promote the book (your publisher won’t do it for you), whether you have a reputation and recognition in your target market and what your experiences and sales were if you’ve already published a book.
It’s also vital to…


The Power of the Book

A book has power even in today’s high-speed world, where information travels faster than thought.
People don’t read books because there’s nothing better to do. They hope to add something to their lives. You can provide that.
Three basic things motivate you to do take action in your life.
Your desire to write a book most likely stems…


The Power of Strong Ties…and the Strength of Weak Ties Debunked!

Written by Ivan Misner and Max Steén
Max Steén, the co-author of this piece, conducted a study as part of his Masters thesis, entitled: The Strength of Strong Ties in Business Networks.  The results of this study showed that those who focused on strong ties – rather than weak ties – were able to increase the number…


Lacking Motivation? Follow These Steps to Get Back on Track

Not long ago, a business owner who reads my column asked me this question:
I was wondering what do you do when your motivation level is lacking, as well as your self esteem? What do you do to regain the motivation needed to move on with your plans and pursue your networking endeavors?
This is a…


The Secret to Balance

As the new year takes hold, many of us still reflect on the past year and look forward to what we would like to achieve in the coming months. During this process, it is not uncommon for us to ask ourselves the age-old question, “How do I create more balance in my life?”
Personal and…

A scene from the A&E series "Duck Dynasty."

A Book for a Bayou Market

If your book idea might have wide appeal, with a rather shallow audience commitment, it’s probably a book suited to what we might call a Bayou market. And speaking of a bayou, consider what might happen regarding the A&E series “Duck Dynasty.” A book about duck calls might have a wide appeal if the family…


Drawing from a Well Market for Your Book

 If your book idea is somewhat narrow yet also somewhat deep, it might fit into a Well market.
In our last blog we looked at Puddle, one of the five markets for books (as identified by the brilliant publisher Ray Bard, of Bard Press). (Others are: Well, Bayou, Lake and Ocean, in ascending order of size…

water splash

Five Tips for Greater Clarity in Blogging

People overwrite and under-explain.
You should write as you speak (with fewer grammatical errors, certainly) and make sure to describe what you mean in clear terms.
Sounds simple, but many people don’t practice these two principles. I know a few who speak well – their everyday English is correct, conversational and compelling – but when they set…


Finding Followers

Did you know that fewer than 20% of people who use the Internet, or who are signed up with Twitter, actually use Twitter?
That compares with some 67% of Internet users who actually engage with Facebook, according to a Pew Center for Research study.
Twitter is a little more complicated than it seems, even for those with…