Summer Reading

What are you reading this summer?
Are you a book reader (physical) or an e-reader (virtual)? The material is same though the sensation might be different. But the wealth of material available to anyone, online or not, is staggering.
In any event, did you know that Bill Gates recommends reading lists for the summer? I didn’t, but…


Summer Reading

You see a lot of summer reading stories around at this time of year. Do people still have time to laze away on a vacation with a bagful of books they can pore over while swinging in a seaside hammock?
Not so much. Still, folks like to think they will have the time to get to…


The Climate Change in Publishing

During a recent episode of the excellent science series “Cosmos,” host Neil deGrasse Tyson explained the difference between weather and climate, in speaking of the climate change that is already wreaking havoc on our planet, with stronger storms, rising seas, melting ice and warming temperatures.
Weather, he said, is the day-to-day occurrence of meteorological patterns, such as…


Do Not Enter: Actual Ideas Might Cause Pain

Are you liable to be offended by reading something because you are very sensitive, because something traumatic in your past causes you to flinch at the very mention of a something even tangential that recalls such incident? Would you demand that your teacher remove a book from a course because it might cause someone to…


Entertainment and Storytelling Help Put Across Your Message

In recent blogs, we’ve looked at the importance of a big idea and an explanation of that big idea or process (the nuts and bolts). People also want to be entertained.
This doesn’t mean you’ll be cracking jokes in your book (though humor is always good). What people look for is a compelling narrative. So as…


Beyond Your Book’s Big Idea: Nuts & Bolts

Your book needs an easily understood big idea. Following that your book should also provide a method that explains your idea and process. This is known as the nuts and bolts.
While not everyone will want to go through your step-by-step process, many will want to see how that process is laid out in your book….


What’s the Big Idea?

Your book needs a big idea.
If you can’t explain what that is in a sentence or two (preferably a single sentence), rethink what you’re trying to say.
Consider your book as a pitch to a journalist, with the journalist standing in for your reader. You have your idea, but the journalist will ask these three things:


Branding Your Book (and the Star Wars Effect)

The best way to get your book noticed may be to say that it’s all about the casting of the next Star Wars movie.
News of who’s going to be appearing in J.J. Abrams’s new film, the as-yet-untitled “Star Wars: Episode VII,” was shouted about online, both nationally and internationally. A mere author can’t compete with…


Good Writing vs. Fine Writing

I once read a review of a noted writer’s latest book in which the reviewer said something to the effect of, “We have here many examples of his fine writing. Which isn’t to be confused with good writing.” Ouch.
I know what the reviewer meant, though. Although having your own style is something, saying something clearly…


Working with Promote A Book

Creating a bestseller isn’t easy, but it is doable with the right people behind you. For one thing, in addition to writing, you’ll be doing a lot of other work. But we at Promote a Book know what to do and how to do it with you.
We will help you identify resources, prepare your team,…