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Content Sells

In a fragmented market, such as publishing, marketing helps you become better known. What people really want is content, though, not marketing. That is, they want to discover interesting new voices, people who have something original to say. They want what you say, more than how it’s presented. And they don’t want to pay too [...]

Give Yourself Time to Be Creative

You’re probably doing several things at once under the mistaken impression that you’re multitasking and efficient.
You are, in fact, rapidly switching from task to task, never alighting on one for very long. And you’re probably not that efficient at what you’re doing. You actually cannot concentrate on two things at once.
In any event, if you’re [...]

Writing to Various Readers

Your ideal reader doesn’t really exist.
A lot of writers think of their so-called ideal reader when putting their book together – perhaps it’s their first reader, their spouse, their old teacher, their best friend – thinking that if they keep this person in mind while writing, they will be at their most relaxed.
That’s a good [...]

Citing Sources

If you’re writing a book you’re probably an expert in your field, though you may find yourself needing to do additional research. By all means do, and don’t forget to let your readers know where you found the information, and credit the source.
It’s all too easy for anyone to cut and paste material from other [...]

The Moment of Creation

If you’re writing a book to build your business, that’s fantastic. But if you’re writing a book, don’t look to the possibility of what may happen after it’s done. Concentrate on writing your book now.
Enjoy this process. The future takes care of itself, really. It never is real because it’s always the future. The present [...]

Write a Book for Gain (Forget the Pain)

If you are writing a book, you should be doing it with the knowledge that you’ll be building your business.
If you’re writing a book, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to focus, and you tell yourself from time to time how you’re going to lose out if you don’t finish.
But that’s the wrong [...]

Summer Reading

What are you reading this summer?
Are you a book reader (physical) or an e-reader (virtual)? The material is same though the sensation might be different. But the wealth of material available to anyone, online or not, is staggering.
In any event, did you know that Bill Gates recommends reading lists for the summer? I didn’t, but [...]

Summer Reading

You see a lot of summer reading stories around at this time of year. Do people still have time to laze away on a vacation with a bagful of books they can pore over while swinging in a seaside hammock?
Not so much. Still, folks like to think they will have the time to get to [...]

The Climate Change in Publishing

During a recent episode of the excellent science series “Cosmos,” host Neil deGrasse Tyson explained the difference between weather and climate, in speaking of the climate change that is already wreaking havoc on our planet, with stronger storms, rising seas, melting ice and warming temperatures.
Weather, he said, is the day-to-day occurrence of meteorological patterns, such as [...]

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