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The Power of Strong Ties…and the Strength of Weak Ties Debunked!

Written by Ivan Misner and Max Steén
Max Steén, the co-author of this piece, conducted a study as part of his Masters thesis, entitled: The Strength of Strong Ties in Business Networks.  The results of this study showed that those who focused on strong ties – rather than weak ties – were able to increase the number [...]

Bridging a Generation When Networking is Easier Than You Think!

One of the most important aspects of networking is the so-called “small talk” that occurs at networking functions. These icebreaking conversations are important because they are the first opportunities where people can begin to identify and make connections with others – connections that may lead to business referrals in both the short and long term.
Interestingly, [...]

How to Network With the Elephant in the Room

As those who have benefited from business networking know very well, belonging to a networking group that meets regularly helps members establish and maintain relationships that can prosper for years. It’s almost inevitable, however, especially in the ways that these groups are structured, that you wind up in business networking situations with people that you [...]

The NEW Definition of Networking

Twenty years ago, I wrote the first edition of The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. In the book, I introduced several new terms to the business community, specifically in how these terms applied to ways to grow a business.
One term that seemed to have multiple meanings concerning business growth at the time was “networking.” For [...]

How Much Time Should You Devote to Networking?

The secret to getting more business through networking is. . . spending more time doing it!
OK, well, it’s a little more complicated than that because you have to spend time doing the right things. Devoting the necessary time, however, is the starting point. So: How much networking time (or NetTime) should you spend developing your personal network and [...]

We vs. Me

While it may not single-handedly solve all the economic problems facing the world today, a new model of community and networking may well be the key to pulling the global economy out of the effects of the long-term global recession.
Networking has always been a powerful strategy to get business by giving business and connecting with [...]

Family Obligations and Networking: Men vs. Women

I’ve run the world’s largest networking organization for many years and occasionally I hear people express concern about family obligations interfering with their ability to attend business meetings.
Earlier this year I published a large scale survey that addressed gender issues in networking.  I was expecting to see a dramatic difference between men and women relating [...]

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