Finding Followers

Did you know that fewer than 20% of people who use the Internet, or who are signed up with Twitter, actually use Twitter?
That compares with some 67% of Internet users who actually engage with Facebook, according to a Pew Center for Research study.
Twitter is a little more complicated than it seems, even for those with…

Tweeting Your Life Away

Have you considered tweeting while reading? Or even while writing your book?
Probably not. But as some theaters encourage audiences to tweet during a performance, how long before those of us who can’t be apart from an electronic device for a nanosecond decide to tweet while reading the latest thriller?
Of course, if you’re tweeting while reading,…

The Da Vinci Tweet

You may have heard that a new Dan Brown novel will be published in May.
This is a publishing event, certainly. I heard about it because I got an email this morning alerting me to the event, and that the title would be revealed on social media.
It’s a cute use of social media to get people…