What People Are Reading

You know what readers are buying? Young adult novels.
You know what they’re not buying? Books that are geared exclusively toward adults.
I’m not sure why – though I’m sure critics would say it’s because of a general dumbing-down of today’s reading audience. Yet adult fans of YA – young adult – novels say it’s because these [...]

Your Book Business

Your book is a business-builder. Or it should be. You want to spread your message, become known and create an audience for your ideas and ultimately for your business. (We’re speaking primarily of nonfiction authors here.)
This is apparently news to Publisher’s Weekly, which just published an article looking at the self-publishing marketing for the coming [...]

Looking Further Ahead

No one ever really knows what will happen in any industry, but we can make educated guesses. Here is another look into this year ahead in publishing, following some predictions I made yesterday.

Traditional authors will experiment more with releasing some new works via social media. David Mitchell, the writer of such books as “The Bone [...]

Looking Ahead

What does the young year hold for authors, editors, entrepreneurs who are writing a book and just about anyone involved in publishing? You can’t predict the future, of course, but you can perhaps make an educated guess about trends. Here are a few of mine.

More and more consumers will gravitate to e-readers. Last year, about [...]

Too Many Books? Not for Readers

People sometimes say that too many books are published. As if we’d woken up to a new world when all of a sudden you were overwhelmed by choice.
Well, that world has been with us for a long time. And a lot of books have always been printed since books were printed.
Most people who talk about [...]

Authors Online, Teaching and Selling

Some Simon & Schuster authors will be going online to teach courses in their specialties. This is a great way to build business. They’ll also be charging for their online courses. I’m not sure if this a great way to sell books. The courses will be available on the authors’ websites, as well as a [...]

Don’t Let Them Scare You: Speak Out

Not everyone will agree with what you say. But if you believe in what you’re writing, then say it.
Some people fear giving offense. You can’t please everyone, and many people are, unfortunately, looking to be offended. Ignore such people. Concentrate on getting your point across. The price of clarity can be the risk of insult.
We [...]

Hope in the Book Club

As you may know, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has started a sort of book club. He wants to read two books a year in 2015, and invites Facebook followers to read with him.
Apart from this being a worthy goal, as I wrote about in a previous post it’s likely to bring to the fore many books [...]

The Power of Book Clubs

We have a new book club that could rival, in a way, the power of the former Oprah Book Club. And no one saw it coming.
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, has – to the surprise of people who believe that tech superstars only absorb information related to their immediate needs – begun a book club. As [...]

Looking Back on 2014 (part two)

Beyond its having been a media year of increasing clutter – information assaulting us from all sides, advertisers trying to do whatever it took to gain a microsecond of our attention – the year drawing to a close was also marked by continuing disruption and, indeed, remarkable unrest in publishing.
Here are a few further thoughts [...]

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