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The Self-Publishing Shadow Industry

You still see publishing trend reports that claim that e-book sales are flattening. But these trend reports ignore the shadow industry of the self-published author.
People aren’t buying fewer e-books. They’re buying fewer e-books from traditional publishers and instead choosing more e-books books from self-published authors.
Because so many books are now being published by authors themselves, [...]

Baby Steps for Publishers

Traditional publishers are stepping into the digital universe on their own. It might not be enough to make a dent in sales of e-books on Amazon, but publishers are beginning to move beyond books printed on paper to ones stored in the cloud. Baby steps, as an article said.
Penguin Books, according to a report in [...]

Getting Readers Into Stores

Will books signed by big-name authors get readers into stores?
Barnes & Noble hopes so. At its 650-plus stores it’s offering signed copies from bestselling authors such as Donna Tartt and Dan Brown to lure shoppers on Black Friday, one of the biggest shopoping days of the year. And, of course, B&N hopes that these book [...]

Numbers Game

Back on June 6th, 2007 Google announced that the Committee on Institutional Collaboration (CIC), a library consortium representing the Big Ten and the University of Chicago, agreed to participate in their Book Search Library Project. This partnership agreement brought the number of participating research libraries to twenty-five. According to the Google announcement, the CIC libraries [...]

Book Recommendations: Traditional or Not

Does your local newspaper carry book reviews?
Do you even read them if they happen to appear?
The answer to both is probably no.
Chances are you rely more on word-of-mouth and Internet browsing to come upon new works. Or you read blogs by favorite writers or entrepreneurs who might recommend something. Or you have your own platform, [...]

The Da Vinci Tweet

You may have heard that a new Dan Brown novel will be published in May.
This is a publishing event, certainly. I heard about it because I got an email this morning alerting me to the event, and that the title would be revealed on social media.
It’s a cute use of social media to get people [...]

Are Literary Agents Necessary?

Who holds the keys to your career?  You or an agent?
Do it yourself. The more writers who take their careers in their own hands, the more likely in the near future that the wider world will notice that self-publishing creates as many first-rate works as regular publishing.
A friend of mine, a writer whose short stories [...]

The Consolidation of the Lumbering Giants of Publishing

If you can’t innovate, consolidate.
That’s what two large publishers are doing as they face stiff competition from Amazon (as retailer, powerful publisher and enabler of increasingly popular self-publishing) and the world of e-books.
Random House and Penguin Books will combine forces to battle the… what? The fact that they couldn’t figure out e-books and so need [...]

Barnes & Noble Issues Open Letter to Amazon Affiliates

New York, New York – February 14, 2011 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller today issued an open letter to Amazon affiliates:
Dear Affiliates,
We understand that has threatened to terminate its affiliate program in certain states that may enact e-fairness legislation that requires Amazon to collect sales tax due on purchases [...]

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