What to Do When Oprah Calls —– Be Ready!

First of all, Oprah, herself, isn’t going to call. If you do get a call, it will likely be from one of Oprah’s producers. Like her magazine, the Oprah show has a lot of supporting help behind the scenes. In her magazine, the publisher’s name may be at the top of the masthead, but it’s [...]

Suspended Animation

WordNet defines suspended animation as a temporary cessation of vital functions with loss of consciousness resembling death.
That’s also how Book Review writer Rachel Donadio says an author feels about the period of time between manuscript submission and book release date. In her New York Times article, Waiting for It, Donadio goes on to explain that [...]

Six Rules for Scaling Mt. Bestseller

On January 30th, 1999, my friend and colleague, best-selling author Roy H. Williams, received perhaps the most riveting e-mail he has ever read:
Up until I read The Wizard of Ads, the most defining moment in my life was when I stood on the summit of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley — the tallest mountain in North America. [...]

Finding Your Niche as an Author

Before you begin to create your promotional plans, identify and understand your niche. Distinguish your book from the 300,000 titles that will be published in the same year; find the special features that make your book unlike anything else on the market.
Research the competition and all similar books in your field to understand why yours [...]

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