Follow Your Passion

So, you’ve decided you want to be an entrepreneur. Congratulations! Starting and running your own business is something that many people dream about. Now that you’ve made this decision, you will want to do all you can to make it succeed. Hard work is important, of course, but I’d like to share with you what…


Earnings and New Authors

Most authors need another job to continue to earn a living. And most readers of Beneath the Cover know that a book is a business builder, that is, a kind of calling card for one’s business and expertise.
Many people who work with us on marketing and book promotion have books that are published in a…


The Ongoing Boxing Match: Amazon vs. Hachette

If you follow the publishing industry you’ve seen quite a few articles and blogs on the dispute between Amazon and Hachette. One is a giant retailer, the other a giant publisher.
Amazon is demanding higher royalties (and lower prices on e-books) from Hachette. Hachette is demanding, well, who knows? It doesn’t seem to speaking for its…


The Non-Existent Amazon War

Some writers should have it so good.
Stephen Colbert, who happens to be a Hachette author (Hachette is a giant publishing company, for those who may not yet know this, or even care about it) in addition to being a television personality, has been very pro-Hachette, naturally, in remarks concerning the so-called war between Amazon and…


Publishers Have No Time for the Slow Build

Traditional publishing waits for no one, least of all authors. The bestselling crime writer Val McDermid, would have a hard time starting out today, she says in an interview in Britain’s Telegraph, because publishers don’t have time to build an author’s career. She’s gone on to sell more than 10 million copies of her tough-minded…



A friend of mine who’s published more than a dozen novels was told by an editor at a big publishing house who had loved her idea for a new thriller that she wanted to buy it. So my friend wrote a few chapters and an outline and sent it off to her. The editor told…


Print Still Matters in Business

If you’re writing a book about your expertise, a book that will help attract clients and build your business, consider having it printed in every form possible – digital, PDF, print – to ensure that your work gets out.
But it seems that clients still take a print book more seriously than they do e-books. Clients…


E-book Pricing and Sales

The dispute between Amazon and Hachette seems to involve e-book prices. Amazon is urging consumers to buy Hachette books elsewhere, or warning its customers that delivery of a physical book will take longer than usual. Hachette is claiming that it is being targeted.
Still, e-book prices from traditional publishers are higher than those of self-published authors….

2014-0528-Book Expo shot

Book Expo and Book Expectations

The booksellers (quite a few are still left), the hopeful authors (innumerable) and the publishers (many and growing, remarkably, with more and more small presses present) will all be meeting to network, exchange ideas, spot the competition and cross their fingers that business will improve.
BookExpo America has had its ups and downs in the last few…


Bring Hope to Your Book

Successful nonfiction books contain four elements: an easily explainable big idea, a nuts-and-bolts explanation of the process, entertainment in the form of storytelling or anecdotes, and hope.
Now, hope is a thing that should probably not be mentioned outright in your book. No one wants to believe he or she is buying a business book because…