Measuring Success

Would you consider a book that sold 3,000 copies a success?
What if those 3,000 copies went to a niche that loved the book and got value from it? If the author acquires acclaim but not cash, is that success? How about this? What if, of those 3,000 buyers, 100 loved the book enough to become clients…


Success Becomes You: The Book as a Business Card

What is success for an author?
Is it finally seeing your words in print?
Is it the accomplishment of finally being finished with writing (for the moment, anyway)?
Or is it having something to hand out to clients (the book as business card) that you know will not go into a pocket and get discarded at the cleaners?

Self publishing workflow

Profit from Self-Publishing Publish your Own Books For Higher Profits!

If you’ve written a book, are ready to publish and not sure whether you want to submit to a major publisher, consider self-publishing. More and more authors are doing it, as you’ve no doubt seen on posts by Beneath the Cover writers such as Bob Hughes.
Whether you self-publish or seek a traditional publisher, you’re going…


What Motivates People in Referral Relationships?

Why did you get out of bed this morning? What made you wear those shoes today? What has you going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone? What makes you attracted to that particular businessperson? What makes you choose to go to that networking event? Why did you want to talk to that person and…

Businesswoman showing something to her collaborator

Collaborate with Your Competition? You Bet!

During my years as a management consultant, I would regularly participate in management organization “hubs” that were made up of other consultants, many of whom could be considered my direct competitors. Each of us, however, also had specialized skills beyond those of general management. Someone would be much stronger in reading a financial statement; another…


Literature and Social Skills

We all know that reading books is a good thing. But apparently reading literary fiction is also good for your social skills (maybe not social media, but what works in the real world can work in the virtual one, too).
A study published in Science, and reported in The New York Times, has found that by…


The Pleasure of Reading

Do you read for pleasure or business? Is there really a difference? There seems to be. At least according to questions posed by the National Endowment for the Arts. In a survey measuring public participation in the arts, the agency found that more than half of Americans read a work of fiction or nonfiction that…

Digital Dominance

The latest figures from Barnes & Noble are not surprising.
No, they don’t show yet another decline in hardcover book sales.
They demonstrate the continuing strength of the company’s e-reader, the Nook.
In case you’ve expressed any doubt about whether the future of the book was digital (despite the handwringing of some authors and readers who lament a…

The 7 Myths of Digital Publishing

People have preconceptions even about new technology they haven’t tried. It’s the equivalent of offering homeopathic advice you’ve never followed yourself.
The Media Bistro site eBook Newser ran a fun little piece this week debunking what it calls five myths of e-books. These included the often-voiced complaint among the holdouts that e-books don’t smell like real…

The Publisher as Curator

When people defend traditional publishers they argue that publishing houses employ editors who “curate” their particular lists. Thus ensuring quality. (That “quality” is a term broadly defined goes without saying, given the number of bad books published each year.)
Being a publishing curator – a fancier term for being an editor who decides whether to accept…