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Detour to the Hospital

On the Sunday before my vacation started, my abdomen started screaming with pain in increasing intensity. Since I figured it was indigestion, I decided to help my stomach digest the barbecue I’d eaten by eating raw broccoli. Unfortunately, and perhaps predictably, it didn’t help my pain. “Maybe some carbonation will help,” I thought. We had [...]

Performing Live and In Person

Using the Internet to connect with your audience makes you a timely and relevant author. It can only help your platform to learn the practical applications of new media.
But no matter how interactive the online experience becomes, it will never be able to match the offline experience of a well-conducted seminar. There is just something [...]

You Are the Authority

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When people view you as the authority, more of them will buy your book.
In our last post, we were describing a scenario about how a middle manager known only to his colleagues had written a book about WWII veterans had managed to become an authority regarding some of the problems facing aged [...]

Less Networking Can Mean More

Cultivating the relationships you have is more effective than planting yourself at more events.
Referral networking is more about farming than hunting. An overemphasis on running from one networking event to another looking for new relationships is a waste of time, money and energy that you should be using to develop the relationships you’ve already started. [...]

How to Decrease Sales by 90 Percent

Recently Brad, a reader of this column with whom I’ve become friendly, asked me for some advice. He’d conducted a test campaign that resulted in a huge discrepancy he couldn’t identify. No doubt losing 90 percent of his sales, when his normal conversion rate is over 4.6 percent, distressed him. He wanted to know what caused [...]

Use Experience to Build Your Platform

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You will sell more books not only because more people will know of you but also because they associate you with your subject.
Let’s say you are a middle manager at your local hospital. Your social and business networks are probably limited to your family, friends and work associates. You know the names [...]

10 Methods for Building a Platform Today

I’ve been thinking about the ‘big picture’ lately. Generational cycles, societal worldviews, the voice of the emerging generation – the kinds of things that have no doubt left many of you wondering how they can be used to sell more books. So today, I’ve decided to focus my lens on 10 specific ways to create [...]

Why Referral Marketing Works

Think cold-calling is the most effective way to snag customers? Try referral marketing and catch a new batch of clients.
When you have a fully functioning referral marketing strategy in operation, you can predict approximately how many referrals you can expect and what quality they’ll likely be. True, you won’t know exactly who you’ll be selling [...]

When Knowledge Isn’t Enough

Looking to make a change? Remember: transformation happens experientially, not intellectually.
We often receive instruction and agree, “I see what you’re saying,” but seldom do we actually do the thing we learned. We just agree with it in our minds.
This is a problem.
Daniel J. Boorstin said,
“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is [...]

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