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The Culture Code for Me

I was born in Utah, raised Mormon, now live between Austin, Texas, and Calgary, Canada, and travel around North America (and the world when I can). I’m an American in Canada, a born Mormon in Baptist country and, at least some of my friends would say, something of a bull in a china shop. I’m […]

It’s Not Always Where You’re Born, It’s How You Think

In his illuminating book The Culture Code, the author Clotaire Rapaille talks about how, being born in France, he had no choice of homeland. “From the time I was very young,” he writes, “I knew that parts of the French culture failed to fit me properly. The French are extremely critical, they are pessimistic, they […]

You Have to Be An Extrovert to Succeed at Networking…Or Do You?

A common assumption is that an extroverted “people person” is the best type of networker. But this isn’t necessarily true. Most people who have started their own businesses and who depend directly on others buying their products or services have at least a certain comfort level in dealing with people. They may not be outgoing […]

A Culture Code for a Civic Society?

Malaysia, where I’ve been working for the last few weeks, is a Muslim country that has strict rules about comportment, but it’s also a country that absorbs the influences of many other cultures. For example, here you often see people greeting each other in the European fashion, with a kiss on both cheeks. Americans sometimes […]

Bonjour. And I Really Mean It.

I’m lucky to live part of the year in Paris, and this dream of mine to enlarge my cultural horizons brings with it daily revelations about the great variety of human experiences. It also reinforces certain things about national character. Not in a bad way. In France, you say bonjour when you enter a store. […]

Cultural Exchange, Code-Breaking

Shake. You’d think it would be easy, right? You shake hands and you’re being polite. Being an American, I offer my right hand for a quick grip when I meet someone. Now, this is a gesture that you’d think would be universally recognized. It is for the most part, especially in countries that are westernized. […]

Five Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn

If you had any lingering thoughts that social media was just a “fad,” you may want to let those go, particularly in light of LinkedIn’s recent IPO — with a valuation of $4.3 billion. I’ve been following the development of online business networking for several years, particularly at the inception of sites like Ecademy.com, Ryze.com […]

Is Your Business Missing A Well Defined Loyalty Loop?

A few months ago we did a workshop on marketing.  Marketing is always a hot button topic from business owners. We had a lot of great content in the two day workshop but one concept was really well received in our workshop that we weren’t anticipating. It was the loyalty loop concept. A business has 2 loops […]

Whose Team Do You Play On?

Roy H. Williams, author of The Wizard of Ads, said it best (paraphrased): “The only thing more important than who you select to play on your team is, who selects you to play on their team.” I fundamentally believe that this is the most important criterion for success, not only for life, but also for […]