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How to End

Endings aren’t quite as important as beginnings in drawing readers in, but they’re important in trying to continue to a dialogue. If you read a lot of newspapers (and you should, since they can provide you with ideas for your own writing, especially if you’re building a platform and using your blog to create a […]

How to Begin

Get started. Now there’s an opening line. Have you wondered how to get to the point fast in your blog posts? Well, think big – that is, challenge the reader, or demand something of your reader. Then elaborate on your argument. Novelists do it all the time. Consider these great openings: “Call me Ishmael.” ” […]

Getting Noticed Online: A Primer

Some people mistake promotion for attraction. And some people mistake forums for publicity opportunities rather than conversation starters. I thought of this when looking at a writer’s forum on LinkedIn, the networking site for various professions and employments. The moderator of the site had said that people in the forum shouldn’t use the forum to […]

Where to Find Inspiration

Many new writers often ask many other, more established writers, where they find their ideas. (Novelists get this a lot, as do columnists.) Some people have a lot of ideas generating around in their fertile imaginations (Stephen King, for example), while others find that a few simple tips can help them not only find, but […]

Ten Surefire Writing Tips

Everyone thinks there’s a magic bullet to getting a book written. There isn’t. But if you follow a few tips, you will find yourself more productive, and, presto – like magic a book will be born. 1. Keep to a schedule. This means that you write every day, or five days a week, or four […]

Hop Onto Hot Topics

The erotica novel Fifty Shades of Grey has been a publishing sensation. And a satirist who came up with a parody has quickly landed a publishing deal and, for the publishing industry, a quick release date. Andrew Shaffer, a writer, reviewer, blogger and parodist, started running his own take-down of the novel on his website […]

The 7 Myths of Digital Publishing

People have preconceptions even about new technology they haven’t tried. It’s the equivalent of offering homeopathic advice you’ve never followed yourself. The Media Bistro site eBook Newser ran a fun little piece this week debunking what it calls five myths of e-books. These included the often-voiced complaint among the holdouts that e-books don’t smell like […]

Stick to the Schedule

So, how’s your writing going? You’ve got a schedule, right? And you’re sticking to it. Right? If you’ve got a platform you’re building to attract an audience, you’re sticking to your timetable for creating blogs, answering emails, writing the book? This is an area where a lot of writers get stuck. And it’s an area […]

The E-book Surge and You

My colleagues and I think that e-book sales will dominate the market by next year. Why is this significant? Well, sales of e-books continue to rise in general, despite climbing prices from publishers who are trying to offset the loss in traditional books (that is, those books printed on paper and cardboard), by charging more […]

Premature Solicitation

Has someone you didn’t even know ever solicited you for a referral or business? I call this “Premature Solicitation.” (Say that fast three times and you might get in trouble!) I’ve been a victim of “premature solicitation” many times. I was recently speaking at a business networking event and before my presentation a man came […]