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What Is Bubblegum Marketing?

Several years ago, a Fortune 100 financial firm launched a technology-savvy division of its company, intending this division to host its online business units and create a Web presence for the company’s brick-and-mortar locations — which carried a very well-known brand name. Company execs conducted extensive traditional marketing research and determined that by spending millions [...]

Magic Words

Yes, there are magic words. Do you know them?
Penetrate the shield of customer indifference by shooting verbs from your word-gun. Leap the wall of inattention by putting verb-springs under your feet. Hold the gaze of a wide-eyed audience by smearing verb-honey on your lips.
Verbs are magic words. Rollicking, laughing, lollygagging verbs. Snuggling, cuddling, canoodling verbs. [...]

The Artful Science of Conversion

Come along with me as we take a little journey in time…
March 2000. Venture capitalist Bill Gurley, formerly one of Wall Street’s top Internet analysts (he was the lead analyst on the initial public offering), wrote that conversion rates are “the most powerful Internet metric of all” in a Fortune magazine article.
Fast-forward to June [...]

Beware Your Metaphors

“Life is a bowl of cherries; beneath a thin layer of sweet stuff, it’s mostly just the pits.”
“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”
“Plan against both the most probable and the most dangerous course of action by your competitors. Branch off and do sequential plans for these contingencies. Continuously update your intelligence on the competition. [...]

Accidental Marketing

No, no, that’s not the title of Seth Godin’s next book. “Accidental marketing” refers to a pervasive Web-based trend that is focused on the “how” of marketing but not on the “what” or the “why.” It’s frightening to watch people get all excited about new technology that allows them to perform miracles and then track [...]

Before You Begin Writing Those Ads…

Which do you think would work better, the brilliant execution of a flawed strategy, or the flawed execution of a brilliant one?
In business, it’s the flawed execution of a brilliant strategy that usually wins the day.
Most advertising professionals are unwilling to question a client’s strategy because they’re afraid of losing the account. So they happily [...]

The Gravity Well Effect

A Methodology for Pulling Customers Deep into Your World
by Michael R. Drew
It’s a hot summer day and you want to go swimming. As luck would have it, both next door neighbors offered up their pools when they welcomed you to the block. The two pools are an identical length and depth. The only discernible difference [...]

How Many Holes Are in Your Bucket?

In a recent article, I explained how once a visitor arrives on a website, the conversion process becomes a “sales funnel.” At each step of the sales process, a site loses visitors. We use the leaky bucket metaphor for a site that doesn’t successfully convert visitors into buyers. Traffic fills the bucket but leaks out [...]

Are You Making the Old Mistakes?

You need some new ideas because the old ones aren’t working. The time has come to reinvent your product and your company, maybe even yourself. But the only framework within which you can visualize a new system is the old system. Like a dog chasing its tail, you keep coming back to the same old [...]

Persuading Others to See it Their Way

The Psychology behind Building a Sizable Marketing Platform
by Michael R. Drew
Personal computers have facilitated a tremendous increase in the number of books being produced each year. For 100 years the book industry averaged 40,000 new titles. In 2004, that number skyrocketed to 190,000. Gone are the days of publishers spending time and resources on marketing. [...]

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