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Is God in the Details?

The left brain is your link to this physical world and the right brain is your link to the spiritual. It’s all very simple, really. It’s just a question of body and soul.
Sight, sound, touch and muscular control are housed in the brain’s left hemisphere and provide your soul’s connection to physical reality. Language is [...]

“You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours”

Have you ever had your ‘bubble of excitement’ for a new movie burst by one negative review in your local newspaper? Never mind the fact that it was based on one of your favorite books or TV shows of all time. Or that every trailer you’d seen over the past few months looked absolutely incredible. [...]

What Should You Measure?

Ever looked into the wrong side of a telescope? Everything’s little. Often, that’s the way interactive marketers view their world.
The Web has been called the most accountable of all media. You can track virtually anything. That can be bad news. We can become overwhelmed by data. This intense focus on data is like looking into [...]

I Did Not Die Today

I did not die today.
I am, for the moment, alive and well as an ad writer. But I feel I’m being stalked by iPods, cell phones, instant messaging, and increasingly fragmented media choices. And they’re all gunning for my life.
Over-communication rides rampant across the mindscape of America, putting greater-than-ever pressure on ad writers to create [...]

Speaking to the Heart of the Dog

You don’t turn a book into a bestseller by accident. It’s the result of multitudes walking into bookstores and logging onto websites with your author’s title in mind. But for that to happen, your author must first establish himself as a respected authority whose name comes to mind when the audience has an itch that [...]

Selling Yourself Short on Traffic

I recently discussed the importance of maximizing conversion of the traffic you already get before spending money, time, and energy trying to attract more traffic. Gather ’round for a little fable about the application of this principle in the case of Widgets-R-Us versus Widgets-4-You. Both companies are in the same business (yes, selling widgets). They [...]

Choosing Your Words to Unify your Concepts

In business books, it’s good to repeat certain words or phrases, to get your point across and to help a reader remember (we forget much of what we read). And as you’re writing your book through blogs, or turning you book into blogs, the use of certain phrases or keywords is important for attracting the [...]

Stacking the Deck

If you consider yourself a small or medium-sized publisher, I recommend you choose your authors the way Roy H. Williams chooses his clients.
Roy owns a very successful advertising and consulting organization outside Austin, Texas. He’s most widely recognized as the author of the 1999 bestseller, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, though his agency [...]

Are People Getting Stuck in Your GUI?

One of my past articles about navigation closed with, “When you make it easy for your visitors to find what they want to buy quickly and intuitively, more of them will convert.” I’ve never discussed graphical user interface (GUI) much in this space, but it goes hand in hand with navigation. Follow this analogy, and [...]

Getting What You Want

One of these days I’m going to calculate the odds of pulling away from a drive-thru window and actually finding what was ordered in the bag.
For 3 years I’ve been calculating the odds of getting extra lemon for your tea when you add the phrase “lots of lemon, please” in America’s better restaurants. Currently, this [...]

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