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How to Nurture a Happy, Healthy Book

In a previous post I had a little fun comparing publishing a book to having a baby. As I posted the article, I realized I was opening myself up to the potential backlash of a thousand angry mothers who remembered pregnancy as being anything but humorous. Yet here I type, a few weeks later and [...]

Why We Need to Teach Networking

Relationship-building courses have yet to become a business school requirement. Isn’t it time that changed?
If you’re a regular reader of this column, you’ve learned a lot about networking, word-of-mouth marketing, and social capital. However, it might surprise you to learn that as a college professor I’d tell you that you’ve actually received a better [...]

A Land Beyond Usability

“Usability.” It’s the big buzzword these days. And if you ask me, it’s about time.
Isn’t it amazing how many sites hang out a shingle that says, “I don’t care if you can’t use it, it’s cool.”
If you plan to succeed, usability is something you can no longer ignore. You have to keep it in mind [...]

Happy Birthday to You!

I’m Not the Only One Who Remembered, Am I?
What will the party be like when you turn 50 …60 …70 …80?
Will it be a big celebration or a quiet affair? A roast, or a toast? How many miles will they travel to share in celebrating your success?
Several years ago on March 29th, I went to [...]

Adding (Core) Value: Remembering Who You Are . . .

. . . When You Don’t Know Where You’re Headed
Hurricane season doesn’t start until the beginning of June.
Yet some of you agents, publishers, authors, and promoters probably feel like you’re already looking into the eye of the storm. Keeping your business on course during a recession is hard enough. But when consumer confidence plummets at [...]

Is Your Referral Networking—Working?

Contrary to what you may think, the referral process is not difficult to measure.
Anyone who has ever tried to keep an accurate count of how many “cold calls” led to actual, cash-in-your-pocket sales knows it isn’t an easy task. The good news is that measuring success from referrals is actually quite easy. We know this [...]

Timing Isn’t Everything—But It Helps

Ever notice how easily you spend money during the weekends or when you’re on vacation? Carpe Diem. Enjoy the moment. Your fantasy life won’t be over until you get back to the office on Monday morning.
Actually, that’s not true. Your fantasy life will be over the minute you begin reviewing your grocery list of responsibilities, [...]

Uncovering Solid Foundations for Persuasive Architecture

In one of my previous columns discussing the value and perspective of Persuasive Architecture, I’ve mentioned a specific process central to constructing the proper foundation —– Uncovery.
As a process, Uncovery is the means by which we gather information that helps map online objectives, define strategies, understand the pertinent specific buying and selling processes, research keywords [...]

Want to Join a Networking Group?

With six types to choose from, narrowing the field will help you find the networking groups that are best for your business.
Q: There are many types of networking groups out there. How do I know which ones to join?
A: There are at least six types of business organizations to consider joining in order to [...]

Are You Willing to be Weird?

No one wants to be average. But everyone wants to be normal.
What’s up with that?
You can’t imitate your way to excellence. It can be achieved only by breaking away from the pack, abandoning the status quo.
But breaking away from the pack is also the way to spectacular failure.
Are you beginning to understand why there is [...]

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