Dealing with the Curse of Knowledge

You’re probably an expert in your field, and if you’re writing a book that explains your own methods for getting ahead, or for dealing with problems or setbacks in that field, you probably have terrific advice to dispense.
But you need to make sure you don’t talk over the heads of your audience. You need to [...]

An Editor Will Save You

It’s impossible overestimate how important an editor can be to your work and to you.
I’m a former newspaper journalist, and editors helped me greatly. I learned how to tighten my prose, for one thing, but more important, I learned to question everything, and to look at what I was saying from different points of view. [...]

Budgeting Your Book

Most people don’t get paid to write books. Most people who are writing books haven’t received an advance for them. Writing a book involves a serious commitment in time in the hope of creating something that will expand your business, spread your message and make you a go-to expert. You will have to pay to [...]

Your Book Design

Writing your book is important. But the look of your book is important too. That includes the cover.
Whether the book you’re writing will appear on shelves in a bookstore – and, yes, this still happens quite a bit – or whether you hope to attract web-browsing readers, your cover needs to stand out and the [...]

Splitting the Difference

What to leave in your book, what to leave out, what to put on your site, what to save for later. Every author writing a book must weigh each of these.
If this is your first book, you want to put everything you know into it. Or if it’s an area that shows your expertise in [...]

Specific Is Terrific if You Want Referrals

Specific is terrific when you are engaged in referral marketing and you’re teaching others how to refer you. Don’t believe me? Take out a piece of paper and try the following two experiments before you read this entire article:
1. Think of five silly things that people have done in the world.  Now, think of five [...]

The Right Voice

If you’ve worked toward developing your voice – your way of expressing your ideas that is uniquely yours – you’ll find you can alter it to suit the book you’re writing.
If you’re writing a book that concerns money, for example, you may not want to be too jokey. People don’t like to joke about finance. [...]

Your Writer’s Voice

Your speaking voice is yours alone. Your writing voice shouldn’t sound like anyone else’s either.
In a previous post, I showed how you can begin to develop a voice, by choosing a passage from an author whose voice appeals to you, copying it and trying to express your own thoughts in that voice. Then you cut [...]

Different Voices

One of the most difficult thing for a writer is finding his or her voice. That is, the manner in which the writer addresses readers, and expresses himself or herself. This can change from book to book, especially if you’re writing something related to your expertise – that is, a nonfiction work.
But how do you [...]

Discovery in Your Writing

Books that really touch people have a sense of wonder and discovery. Even business books. It’s why readers respond to them – the information offers not only a way forward, but also a possibility of discovering something new.
Try to keep a sense of wonder in your writing. This will translate to your readers, and keep [...]

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