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Getting Started, Getting Going

How you structure your day affects what you accomplish.
Yes,  I’m talking about lists.
You’d be amazed at how effective simple list-making can mean. I’m at the beginning of a big project that involves many separate documents to edited or written, organizing those documents into a coherent sequence and creating a calendar for the dissemination of that [...]

On Your Own

Very few people look ahead – most people react, and are slow to react at that.
Publishers could have sold directly to readers a long time ago (and some, like Reader’s Digest, with its condensed books, or Time-Life, with its various cookbooks or nature titles, did as well). But they didn’t.
Publishers could have developed an e-reader [...]

Tomorrow’s Readers Won’t Care About Today’s Physical-Digital Disputes

Gadgets aren’t going away. Print books aren’t going away yet. Bookstores will still be around for a while longer. But presuppositions about what makes a book or a reading experience will change. More and more people will gravitate toward the easier way to get their information, that is, their books. That means downloads to e-readers. [...]

Amazon vs. the Publishers

You may have read articles about Amazon’s battle against Hachette, the fourth-largest publisher by sales volume. The argument seems to be about the price of e-books, which has become quite a sticky point for traditional publishers and Amazon, which wants to offer lower prices and drive up market share itself, and profits, while demanding that [...]

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