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Making Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for You

You can’t just sit back and wait for word-of-mouth to do its thing–you need to put some effort into it.
Word-of-mouth marketing is often considered one of the oldest and most powerful forms of advertising. In fact, most business-people understand that it works–they just don’t know how it works.
Some people think word-of-mouth is something that [...]

The Ideal Tracking System

Converting your website visitors into customers is a system akin to a musical score. An effective conversion system successfully addresses all the complex requirements of a user when he or she is interacting with your website and undertakes a decision to act. Think of conversion as a way to orchestrate these three critical elements:

WIIFM (what’s [...]

Why Most Ads Put Us to Sleep

How often are you conscious of the fact that Earth, only Earth, is buried beneath an ocean of air?We, the fleas that dance on the skin of Mother Earth, live in this dry ocean. We use it to hold our airplanes off the ground. We blow out candles with it. We suck it in and [...]

Benefits & Royalties of Having a Book

Writing a book is like having a baby in that the benefits of having one are much greater than any royalties you might receive. Yes, Uncle Sam cuts you a break for having a dependent on your tax return, but you certainly don’t have children because you want to become rich. In fact, informed us [...]

Laser-Sharp Networking

3 tips to getting precision results from your networking efforts
Did you know that the energy put out by a normal light bulb is equal to the energy put out by a laser beam? A laser has a very tight beam and is very strong and concentrated. A light bulb, on the other hand, releases light [...]

Investing in Your Social Capital

It pays to take advantage of knowledge and relationships when building your business–and your bottom line.
I’m sure all entrepreneurs have heard of financial capital, but many may not have heard of social capital. Social capital is, in fact, very similar to its monetary sibling. It, too, is accumulated by an individual or a business [...]

Specialists, Experts, Gurus, and Other Marketing Problems

At a party, I heard a man say he was having trouble with his digestion. A friend suggested he see a specialist. The man replied, “Oh no! I don’t like specialists. They cure their specialty instead of your actual trouble.” That got me thinking. Like medicine, marketing is full of specialists, each seeing her own [...]

Stronger Ads Equal More Complaints

It’s no secret that stronger ads generate faster growth. But with each higher level of awareness comes an increase in complaints:
“I’m sick of hearing your ads.”
TRANSLATION: “It makes me mad that I can’t ignore you.”
“Your ads don’t sound professional. They’re not polished and smooth.”
TRANSLATION: “It makes me mad that your ads stand out.”
“I’m offended by [...]

How to Network with a Large Group

A simple game of “business card bingo” will get the introductions rolling.
Q: I am the co-founder of a local women’s networking group. The organization has grown to more than 400 women, with 120 in attendance at some meetings. We are looking for ways to network with such a large group. Having each person do a [...]

Empower Your Writing with NewView Options–Part II

Earlier this week in Part I, I covered the basics of the NewView approach to writing and introduced you to the NewView Empowering Grid.
Today, let’s take a look at how the NewView Empowering Grid can help us write an ad.
Here’s a business situation: Harper’s Cabinets in Birmingham, Alabama, sells great cabinets at thrifty prices. [...]

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