Are You Making the Old Mistakes?

You need some new ideas because the old ones aren’t working. The time has come to reinvent your product and your company, maybe even yourself. But the only framework within which you can visualize a new system is the old system. Like a dog chasing its tail, you keep coming back to the same old [...]

Persuading Others to See it Their Way

The Psychology behind Building a Sizable Marketing Platform
by Michael R. Drew
Personal computers have facilitated a tremendous increase in the number of books being produced each year. For 100 years the book industry averaged 40,000 new titles. In 2004, that number skyrocketed to 190,000. Gone are the days of publishers spending time and resources on marketing. [...]

Communicating Perceptual Reality

A few weeks ago, I was training the Web division of a click-and-mortar company. I wrote these words on the whiteboard: “real-world feel,” “ease of use,” “expertise,” “trustworthiness,” “perceived customization,” “salesiness,” and “amateurism.” I asked if anyone could tell me if any tangible variables contribute to a Web site’s credibility (knowing there are none).
Every variable [...]

What You Stand Against

writing a book, publishing, competition

Standing against something is a sure way to define yourself. In writing your book, and in looking to differentiate yourself from the competition, think of how you can stand apart, that is, stand against, what other people in the field are doing.
If you’ve identified a few of the books that offer an approach to a [...]

Advertising, Like Reduction Sauce

Hi Roy,
Thanks for the mention in the MMM today. It never ceases to amaze me the buzz something like that creates.
Reading it also reminds me of the other conversation that took place at the same time, when you and Dave were talking about how a chef reduces the sauce to intensify the flavour and how [...]

Redesign Time?

Companies are taking a hard look at their Internet initiatives. Many have decided it’s redesign time.
I applaud the initiative, but I’m skeptical about execution. If we applied the same logic to traditional architecture that most people use for redesigning websites, we’d hire a handyman. A coat of paint, new plumbing fixtures, minor wiring — a [...]

A Few Good Books

Just Say “No!” to Authors without Healthy Marketing Platforms
How could a book with such promise turn into such a dog of a letdown? The proposal looked great. The project felt worthy enough. And the subject matter seemed as if it would be interesting to an ocean full of readers. With all of that going for [...]

In a Box in the Closet…

Thelma Toole believed in the talent of her son, though no one else could see it. And as mothers are wont to do, she pestered important people to take a look at ‘the marvelous thing’ her darling baby boy had written. She was systematically ignored, brushed off, and swept aside for 11 long and pitiable [...]

Going to Disney World

Did you watch Super Bowl XLI? Did you see the look on Peyton Manning’s face as he hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy high into the South Florida sky? It was a look of sheer jubilation. Triumphant exultation. The look of a man standing on the pinnacle of his profession.
I imagine you’ll have a similar look [...]

Conversion Is Music to My Ears

We have talked about the priority of making your website an efficient and successful “machine” for converting your traffic, and we’ve discussed strategies to help you improve your conversion rates. Today I’d like to step back and take a broader look at the nature of conversion, both as an idea that shapes the exchanges between [...]

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