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Identify Your Networking Strengths and Weaknesses

Now, more than ever, networking is critical to the survival of your business. So. . . how good are you at it? What are you strong at and what can you improve upon?
In order to know whether or not you’re headed in the right direction with your networking strategy, you need to be able to [...]

The ROI of Free

An innocuous question can hit you where you live. I should have expected one day someone would ask me, “How do you measure your ROI for that?”If I’m conducting client training on measuring, testing, and optimizing performance, clients have a right to ask about my own practices. The “that” she referred to is nearly 300,000 [...]

Unicycles on Telephone Wires

“What’s it like, being on the road all the time?” she asked, pretty lips and sparkling eyes making a truthful reply all the more difficult.
“You know what it’s like being a counselor at this camp, right?”
“Imagine that 100 campers show up like they usually do, and you have to get to know them. Then two [...]

Putting Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Numerous book and publishing-related articles are sent to my Twitter account each day. Here are some of the headlines as I toggled through the first couple of pages late one night:
iPods and iPhones: death for the book trade
Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops to close
Books: Will big names lure readers?
Barnes & Noble Announces Elimination of Corporate Positions
Publishing Sales [...]

Qualified Answers to Persuasive Architecture

Information Architects have weighed in on my discussions of Persuasive Architecture. This reaction is typical: “Basically, good IA [Information Architecture] and good design combined with a sensible business approach will lead you to success. No big news there.”
I have tremendous respect for Information Architecture (IA) as a discipline and as a profession. But I’m going [...]

The Art of Artistic Survival

The Art of Artistic Survival
My head sank backstage at Dallas’ Club Galaxy in November, 2003, just before our featured performance. A decent-sized crowd of two hundred, most of whom had never heard of us, awaited the arrival of “Spoken Groove.” None of them dismayed me as much as the $3700 promotional failure that would soon [...]

When Change Is in the Air

The prophet wanders in from the desert crying, “I have seen. I have seen. We must change.” And as the people listen with mounting interest, leadership plots to kill him. This is the way it has always been: Julius Caesar. William Wallace. Malcolm X. Robert Kennedy.
Visionaries often die of wounds to the back, their grand [...]

Realizing the True Fruits of Your Labor

It took Susan Patron ten years to write her first novel, The Higher Power of Lucky (Simon & Schuster, 2006). When writing it, she would race home from work, grab a quick bite to eat, and then dive headlong into the nuances of character development until the wee hours of the morning. She also sacrificed [...]

Good Customer Service Alone, Does Not Mean Referrals

By Dr. Ivan Misner
Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that if they just provide good customer service, people will refer business to them. Just like that. However, they only have part of the picture. Sure, customer service is important. But, good customer service is just a prerequisite…it’s a minimum expectation.
Think about it. Would you refer [...]

What Really Opens Doors in a Creative Career

“You’re from where?” I said, trying to put together the sounds I’d heard into some sort of sense. He mumbled the strange syllables again, just as indecipherably as before. “Can you spell it?”
“T-A-W-A-S, Tawas, Michigan,” he uttered in a thick, midwestern accent.
“Where’s Tawas?” I held up my hand, the universal sign to all those who’ve [...]

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