Getting Started, Getting Going

How you structure your day affects what you accomplish.
Yes,  I’m talking about lists.
You’d be amazed at how effective simple list-making can mean. I’m at the beginning of a big project that involves many separate documents to edited or written, organizing those documents into a coherent sequence and creating a calendar for the dissemination of that…


On Your Own

Very few people look ahead – most people react, and are slow to react at that.
Publishers could have sold directly to readers a long time ago (and some, like Reader’s Digest, with its condensed books, or Time-Life, with its various cookbooks or nature titles, did as well). But they didn’t.
Publishers could have developed an e-reader…


Tomorrow’s Readers Won’t Care About Today’s Physical-Digital Disputes

Gadgets aren’t going away. Print books aren’t going away yet. Bookstores will still be around for a while longer. But presuppositions about what makes a book or a reading experience will change. More and more people will gravitate toward the easier way to get their information, that is, their books. That means downloads to e-readers….


Amazon vs. the Publishers

You may have read articles about Amazon’s battle against Hachette, the fourth-largest publisher by sales volume. The argument seems to be about the price of e-books, which has become quite a sticky point for traditional publishers and Amazon, which wants to offer lower prices and drive up market share itself, and profits, while demanding that…


Take Control of Your Work

You are a writer, and it’s you who decide that. (I once heard the composer Ned Rorem say, “If you write music you’re a composer. You label yourself.”)
You can decide to publish, too, and you don’t have to search for an agent or a publisher or someone who will tell you you’re good enough to…


The ‘Sales Clock’ and the Prospect

For an entrepreneur, sales and networking go hand in hand. Consequently, this month, I’d like to talk about sales. A few weeks ago, sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the young man next to me. He was wearing a nice suit, carrying a laptop, and…


Disruption in Publishing Began Long Ago

The publishing world has seen disruption before. Paperbacks, for instance, turned it upside down, some 75 years ago.
The reason: Pocket Books decided to offer reprints of classics for just 25 cents, rather than the $5 or so that a book at that time would cost. Publishing insiders were skeptical – they thought a paperbound volume…


Newspapers Shrink, But Readers Remain

Newspaper revenue has declined precipitously over the past 65 years or so.
But we still get news. And we still see ads. And we still buy things.
We just read news in different ways, through different platforms, and we get advertising in different ways as well (soften through as email blasts or screen banners).
You knew that newspapers…


What a Difference a Mentor Makes

While many “traditional” jobs are in a state of flux, there continue to be opportunities for entrepreneurs. The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, but some folks who could tap into that spirit simply . . . do not. To succeed as an entrepreneur, a person must have a relatively high level of self-confidence…


How to Maximize Distribution

How does the best seller campaign maximize distribution?
Promote A Book works with the buyers to show guaranteed sales, therefore mitigating the risk as they are making their shelf space decisions.
This works in your favor, because we are able to advocate an exception grade increase, while protecting the interest of the retailers and the buyers.
Remember, publishers…