Customers: One Click Away from Goodbye

Do you ever get really frustrated? I sure do. One thing that frustrates me big time is when I read all the e-commerce and Internet-related newsletters in my inbox (about 50 per day) droning on about technology solutions.
Hey, I’m no Luddite. I enjoy the benefits of technology and think it’s a wonderful thing. Nevertheless, technology [...]

Elie Wiesel and the Holocaust

I was surprised, a while back, to see a picture of Elie Wiesel staring back at me from the essay page of the Sunday New York Times Book Review.
The picture was an old one, but he had the same pained, prophetic look that he did thirty years ago when he lectured in the basement of [...]

When Will My Ads Start Working?

The length of the “ramping up period” an ad campaign will require before you begin to see results is determined by the following factors, listed in descending order of their importance:

Product Purchase Cycle
Share of Voice
Impact Quotient of message
Media Delivery Vehicle

Product Purchase Cycle
How often is the customer in the market for this product?
Because we eat more [...]

The Right Thing To Do

So how do you really feel about publishing ‘going digital’? Are you excited about the opportunity to evolve old business models and create new revenue streams? Or do you feel like you’re being pushed in a direction you don’t want to go?
You don’t have to go. You can always turn in your bookmark and start [...]

Why Getting Published Can Help You Network

It may take a lot of work, but branding yourself as a local expert will do wonders for your networking efforts.
An associate of mine who’s read my books and attended some of my training sessions, called me up and said, “I really love your material, but [oh, I always worry when there’s a “but”] [...]

SWOT’em Before You Hit’em

You’re thinking of creating your email campaign. Of course you want to get that first email sent out. Hold on! You have some critical groundwork to tackle before you are ready to start speaking to your readers.
With an understanding of the dynamics of conversion and the human dimension in hand, you now need to train [...]

When Numbers Go Bad

Are you one who believes the reliability of research is assured when the sample size is adequate and the respondents are properly qualified? If so, “research” will likely lead you to some tragic conclusions, if it hasn’t done so already.
The problem with most research is that it’s done by mathematical types who have little appreciation [...]

The 10 Commandments of Networking

Leave out any of these strategies, and your networking is just a waste of time.

Do you suffer from “butterfly-itis” at the very mention of networking at business functions? If you answered ‘yes,’ you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs get a bit uncomfortable when it comes right down to walking up to someone and starting a [...]

It’s Imperative to Make These Choices

The insight is so great that I couldn’t let you miss it. Nick Usborne, a great copywriter and a fellow ClickZ columnist, wrote in an article that he is “best as a copywriter only when [he] can clearly see and empathize with the end user.” The statement is a stroke of brilliance, for to persuade [...]

The Longest Mile

Ever wonder why the technology-fueled productivity gains of the 1990’s that transformed the U.S. economy seems to have bypassed book publishing? Doesn’t it feel like it takes longer than ever for your book to get to market?
Rachel Donadio tries to explain this paradox in an essay that appeared in the New York Times Book Review. [...]

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