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The Edge of Authentic Communication

You can keep a competitive edge by sharing your soul! Working all day with business owners to have a message to share is my blessing. Assisting them in finding ways to communicate their authentic message is a treat and my favorite way to spend my days. Sometimes though, it’s work. The work is in the […]

The Video-Savvy Writer

When was the last time you saw a writer on television? Not a television writer (they generally stay locked up in an airless room crafting their scripts), but a writer of books. You’ve probably only seen a writer on a television show – Late Night with David Letterman, or the Today show – if that […]

The Publisher as Curator

When people defend traditional publishers they argue that publishing houses employ editors who “curate” their particular lists. Thus ensuring quality. (That “quality” is a term broadly defined goes without saying, given the number of bad books published each year.) Being a publishing curator – a fancier term for being an editor who decides whether to […]

Charles Dickens and Today’s Author

Why is Charles Dickens important for people who aren’t readers of Victorian novels, or English majors or those who follow literary history? Well, apart from his being one of the greatest writers in the English language (alongside such other Victorian giants as George Eliot, Wilkie Collins, Charlotte Bronte and Anthony Trollope), Dickens was one of […]

Physical World, Digital Information

It’s been books. Now it’s pianos. The digital world is overtaking what was once a piece of necessary furniture in every home, the piano. In an age when electronic keyboards can be had for a few hundred dollars, and even imported pianos cost only a few thousand dollars, the old heirloom family piano is being […]

Power Begins to Shift Toward Authors

Sales of adult hardcover books declined last November. But you probably knew that. Still, the latest figures from the American Association of Publishing show that while year-to-year sales for that month decreased by nearly 21%, e-book sales jumped by 123%. So the increase in e-books more than made up for the decrease in hardcovers. This […]

“Content Will Always Be King”

I just read a contrary post by a friend and associate and someone I respect greatly. This man, Greg Habstritt recently interviewed Dan Kennedy–one of the world’s most trusted authorities on direct response marketing, and copywriting. Indeed Kennedy is a brilliant individual; however, I strongly disagreed with his position in the interview. He boldly declared […]

Consumers Need Freedom of Choice

You can’t read an e-book on all e-readers. And you can’t buy a paper-and-cardboard book at all booksellers. So much for the enduring nature of the printed word in book form. Barnes & Noble has decided not to stock physical books published by Amazon. It will offer them online, but not in its brick-and-mortar stores […]

Get Clear-Eyed About the Jumble of Publishing

Publishing is a commercial activity. Sure, you can be creative, and you can exercise your artistic talents. But that’s writing. Publishing is something else entirely. Most books aren’t well-written. Most traditionally published bestselling books are not well written. The vast majority of nonfiction or business books are not well-written. These books were published because the […]

We Still Need Bookstores

The record store is pretty much extinct. Will bookstores follow? I hope not. An interesting article about Barnes & Noble’s efforts to compete against Amazon showed how even the largest and once-feared retailer can become a victim of changing buying habits and the new realities of the digital marketplace. But more people are probably going […]