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The Story Part of Your Book

If you’re writing a business book, or at least a book that explains your process or the service you offer, you will spend a lot of time going through the methods of why you do what you do or why you recommend what you recommend.
Don’t forget to tell a story.
Don’t forget stories, ever.
That’s how we [...]

On Your Own

Very few people look ahead – most people react, and are slow to react at that.
Publishers could have sold directly to readers a long time ago (and some, like Reader’s Digest, with its condensed books, or Time-Life, with its various cookbooks or nature titles, did as well). But they didn’t.
Publishers could have developed an e-reader [...]

The ‘Sales Clock’ and the Prospect

For an entrepreneur, sales and networking go hand in hand. Consequently, this month, I’d like to talk about sales. A few weeks ago, sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the young man next to me. He was wearing a nice suit, carrying a laptop, and [...]

What a Difference a Mentor Makes

While many “traditional” jobs are in a state of flux, there continue to be opportunities for entrepreneurs. The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, but some folks who could tap into that spirit simply . . . do not. To succeed as an entrepreneur, a person must have a relatively high level of self-confidence [...]

How to Maximize Distribution

How does the best seller campaign maximize distribution?
Promote A Book works with the buyers to show guaranteed sales, therefore mitigating the risk as they are making their shelf space decisions.
This works in your favor, because we are able to advocate an exception grade increase, while protecting the interest of the retailers and the buyers.
Remember, publishers [...]

Books as Marketing Tool

Some people can actually make a living as the author of books.
It’s not easy, of course — making money rarely is — but it is possible. I’m not talking here of books published by traditional publishing houses. Not every author published in that way earns a living as an author; many teach or have other [...]

Networking and Gender – How to Avoid the Traps

By Lester R. Salvatierra, BNI Area Director

I’d like to offer some perspective on business networking between men and women on the eve of the publication of Dr. Ivan Misner’s new book, “Business Networking and Sex.” Well, it’s not really quite the eve of the debut of his new book, since it won’t be out [...]

Be Selfish to Succeed

By Lester Salvatierra, BNI Area Director
Be selfish with your business and grow faster than you ever thought possible.
Business selfishness is good, positive, and helps you build your client base quickly. Personal selfishness is not positive and many of us know the negative repercussions of living a lifestyle of not giving back to others. So what [...]

Know Your Business To Know Your Customer

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Sales, once said that in order to be the best person for others, you have to be the best person for yourself first.  The same is true for your business.  Before looking at serving your customer’s needs, make sure that you understand who your business is.
There [...]

In the Details

Written by Lester Salvatierra.
A friend complained that his employee turnover was too high for his liking. He felt he ran a fair business, treated people well, and paid them competitively. But he wondered why he couldn’t keep his workers for the long term.
After his wife visited him for lunch, she suggested that he spruce up [...]

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