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Disruption in Publishing Began Long Ago

The publishing world has seen disruption before. Paperbacks, for instance, turned it upside down, some 75 years ago.
The reason: Pocket Books decided to offer reprints of classics for just 25 cents, rather than the $5 or so that a book at that time would cost. Publishing insiders were skeptical – they thought a paperbound volume [...]

Publishing a Bestseller: Distribution, Marketing

To give you a better idea of how Promote A Book is able to ensure that you reach best-seller status by playing by the rules (no cheating, scamming or dishonesty involved—ever!), let’s look at the how key players work together to determine which books will become best sellers.
There are three elements to the success of [...]

The Self-Publishing Surge

Self-publishing has exploded.
Last year, 391,000 self-published books came out, a 59% increase over the year before, and a whopping 422% increase since 2007, according to figures from Bowker, the trade organization that tracks sales and assigns ISBN numbers.
Bowker said that of all ISBNs issued for last year (the numbers assigned to books that help in [...]

The Self-Publishing Market Gets More Crowded

Self-publishing isn’t just a cottage industry. It’s becoming a major one.
According to a report from New Publisher House, a media technology company, self-publishing could become a market worth $52 billion . That’s bigger than the traditional publishing market, which is estimated at around $7 or $8 billion.
What’s more, according to the report, The State of [...]

Giving and Taking: Self-Publishing Speaks to Today’s Readers

Self-publishing is something that speaks to our current age, when people want to connect with others directly. Authors have much more contact with their readers this way than they do with traditional publishing.
As self-published author Hugh Howey wrote in an essay on self-publishing in Salon, “With self-publishing, you learn your craft while producing material. [...]

The Author as E-Commerce Marketer

Many e-commerce sites are cutting out the middlemen and passing savings onto customers.

You’d think that publishers would have done that long ago.
But no, its authors who are doing that. Self-published authors, of course.
Publishers still consider themselves gatekeepers of quality writing. And they continue to work with booksellers, both brick-and-mortar and online retailers, to [...]

Self-Publishing Shouldn’t Mean Self-Sabotage

Although it’s easy to do-it-yourself in publishing these days, that doesn’t mean that you should do everything yourself.
Yes, you’ve got more control over the product. But the product still has to look professional. Even as more self-published authors get respect, critical notice and generate a lot of sales, the work itself has to look and [...]

Get Clear-Eyed About the Jumble of Publishing

Publishing is a commercial activity.
Sure, you can be creative, and you can exercise your artistic talents.
But that’s writing.
Publishing is something else entirely.
Most books aren’t well-written. Most traditionally published bestselling books are not well written. The vast majority of nonfiction or business books are not well-written.
These books were published because the authors had the potential to [...]

Nothing Stays the Same in Publishing

Media and entertainment industries are in turmoil. That might be the new norm. That means you can’t take anything for granted (not that you ever should).
Retail giant Barnes & Noble is finding it hard to profit from its investment in its Nook e-reader. And its chairman, Leonard S. Riggio, is thinking about placing a somewhat [...]

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