E-reading Expands

As if you didn’t already suspect that e-readers will keep attracting buyers, a survey from Bookboon.com finds that about three-quarters of its respondents expect to be reading e-books within two years.
I can’t be sure whether the survey is statistically accurate, given that it depended on participants’ willingness to take an online survey, but it shows…

Enhanced Print Books

Publishers promote their enhanced e-books, which offer quick updates, links to maps and additional data, even videos. Now, to compete – in a way – with those extras, some print books will offer extras, available at bookstores. For example, the new book by Joanne Harris, author of the bestselling “Chocolat,” is called “Peaches for Monsieur…

The Curse of the Browsers, Online and Off

Bookstores promote browsing. Unfortunately, in our current click-and-buy age, people browse at a bookstore then buy online (if they buy). Leading to the demise of so many wonderful places of discovery for readers.
What happens when more books are printed digitally than appear in paper-and-cardboard editions? How will the casual reader, rambling through a website, find…

The E-Book Era Expands

More and more e-books are eating into sales of traditional books.
Although this might be evident to anyone who owns an e-reader or tablet, or who’s been even casually following publishing-industry news, it’s still worth noting. E-books will be preferred over traditional books some time soon. For the second quarter of this year, e-books made up…

E-Book Prices Fluctuate, and That’s a Good Thing

Pricing is important for e-books. Big publishers charge more, self-published authors charge less.
It will probably be that way for a while.
Big publishers have larger overhead and, at least for the foreseeable future, bigger-name authors whose works can command higher list prices. According to an article on  Digital Book World, which tracks sales of e-books, titles…

Take Advantage of the Speed of E-Publishing

Consider releasing your work in pieces.
Once you’ve got a chunk of your book done, put it up there – utilize the power of e-publishing to continue to broaden your reach. You can also repurpose your work – from existing articles, or newsletters or research you’ve done – to find a fresh audience.
That’s what the Hearst…

The Digital Future Is Here

The future is “e.”
The latest figure from the Association of American Publishers show that in the first six months of this year, sales of adult e-books grew by 34%, to $621 million. E-books now outsell hardcovers. Trade paperbacks still outsell e-books, but that probably won’t last much longer. Trade paperback sales were up 5%, to…

Making an E-Book a Thing of Beauty

Serialized books may be coming back thanks to e-readers.
Although many genre writers who self-publish find that the more they write the better they do, since if readers of readers of thrillers, mysteries, science fiction and erotica discover the works of an author they like, they want to read a lot by that author, and e-books…

Movie Tie-Ins in an Age of E-Publishing

Remember those coffee-table books you might have bought (often on the discount table, since so many end up unsold) for a movie you liked? You’d browse through them, then they’d usually end up, if not on a coffee table, then somewhere almost out of sight until you remembered to include them in a garage sale….

Another Arrow from the E-Book Quiver

Another Arrow from the E-Book Quiver

Quality might be fine, but it doesn’t sell. Thank heaven there are e-books.
That’s a message that’s laid out quite openly in an email sent by the editor of NYRB Lit, a new e-book venture from the venerable biweekly literary journal, The New York Review of Books.
In her email, Sue Halpern, the editor of NYRB Lit,…