How Do You Define Success?

Well, if it makes your heart sing, it’s right for you.
In our western society, we often define success by things we aspire to be or to have, or things that make others jealous or envious: Good looks, Money, Cars, Houses, Boats, Electronics, Tickets to sporting events, Food/Drink, Travel…
Despite the continuing backlash against photo-shopped images of [...]

The Power of Author-Customer Engagement

Is the independent bookstore back?
I was speaking with a bookstore owner the other day, and she told me that business is better than it’s been in a long while. “Publishers are finally paying attention to us once again,” she said, after years of neglect and even a certain amount of contempt, as publishers courted Amazon [...]

A Writer’s Hard-Won Wisdom

A decade after his first book deal, British writer Matt Haig posted a list of “30 Things Every Writer Should Know,” which appeared in The Telegraph. It’s a very worthwhile list, and more knowing than cynical and filled with aphoristic advice that every writer should take to heart.
Here are a few of my favorites:
“Literary fiction [...]

Enhanced Print Books

Publishers promote their enhanced e-books, which offer quick updates, links to maps and additional data, even videos. Now, to compete – in a way – with those extras, some print books will offer extras, available at bookstores. For example, the new book by Joanne Harris, author of the bestselling “Chocolat,” is called “Peaches for Monsieur [...]

The Writing Gears Get a Little Oil

You know how you can use your platform – and if you’re writing or marketing a book, you should have a platform – so that you can interact better with your audience, and see what ideas work best? You can learn by engaging in a virtual dialogue with your readers.
The same thing can happen in [...]

Elements of Style

Wednesday is writing day here at Beneath the Cover. As I’m in the middle of writing a style guide for my colleagues – we want to keep our so-called “house style” consistent – I wanted to weigh in on style this week. Having worked for a long time at the Wall Street Journal, which has [...]

An Age of Community, An Age of Specialization

In an article about the success of YouTube – it ranks just behind Google and Facebook as the most popular website – Entertainment Weekly quoted a former Disney executive who said that the most popular content on the site “creates this communal relationship with the people who are watching our videos.”
YouTube is a great resource [...]

Bridging a Generation When Networking is Easier Than You Think!

One of the most important aspects of networking is the so-called “small talk” that occurs at networking functions. These icebreaking conversations are important because they are the first opportunities where people can begin to identify and make connections with others – connections that may lead to business referrals in both the short and long term.
Interestingly, [...]

Publish It in Pieces

Your book may not be finished, but you can still begin to profit from it by publishing it in parts.
The way we read is changing, as more people devour books, articles, magazines, in small ways – in short-segments, through headline alerts, or excerpts of articles, or summaries of longer-form works. But also, in more literary [...]

Choices and Mobility for Writers

People are no longer tied to consuming information in only one way, whether that’s movies, television, music, books, information in general. This is less a question of mobility than one of options: because technology permits it, people want to be able to consume what they want when they want it.
Netflix, for example, has taken advantage [...]

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