E-books Move Closer to Industry Acceptance

An e-book was recently purchased by some big Hollywood names to be adapted into a film. Whether the movie actually gets made or not, this marks a real step forward for the “legitimacy” of self-published titles as viable published works. Of course, readers have long thought that. Why else would e-books become so popular, and […]

Reading Grows, Physical Books Retreat

Hardcover sales are down again, and e-book sales are up. But you figured that. How often do you actually buy a physical book nowadays? Even I myself, a published author who loves reading, hesitate now to add another to my collection. Last week at a large reading in New York for a celebrated writer, I […]

Browsing Book Expo

As Book Expo America got underway in New York, it seemed that the fastest takeaways were the tote bags. Who doesn’t need another tote bag for all the advanced readers’ copies of coming books? Stuffing a canvas bag full of book galleys is a nice old-fashioned ritual that continues at a changing Book Expo (which […]

Book Expo and a Changing Industry

I know publishers and editors who dread attending Book Expo – the long days standing on cement floors under harsh fluorescent lights. On the other hand, I know booksellers who love being there: the chance to find something new to excite their customers with and perhaps even snag an author autograph. The show is really […]

The China Connection

This year’s BookExpo America, which begins May 27, hosts China for the first time, as part of the BEA’s Global Market Forum initiative. Beyond the e-book advances and self-publishing growth that will undoubtedly make up a lot of the conversation at BEA, the business of how to do business sin and with China is important. […]

Dark Comics: An Opportunity for Innocence

“Now I understand that humanity is flawed. Even you, its finest specimen, are riddled with flaws, a king of weaklings.” “Once my work is complete, there will be no more pain, no more chaos, only a perfect order imposed by me.” My brain struggled to keep up with the philosophical implications of what I was […]

Book Expo in a Shifting Publishing Era

Book Expo America, the biggest publishing-industry convention in the United States, runs this week in New York from Wednesday, May 27, through Friday, May 29. It’s changing to reflect a rapidly changing industry. The biggest change, of course, is self-publishing, which is making tremendous headway against the winds of traditionally published e-books. Since the long […]

Your Reliability

You  may not be the most trusted name in news, but your readers should have confidence in what you write. Brian Williams, the NBC newsreader, got into trouble for claiming something had happened to him that actually hadn’t happened to him. He got a suspension, and who knows what his future holds? He may no […]

Don’t Rush Your Work

“Hamilton,” a new musical that received rapturous reviews when it opened Off Broadway recently at New York’s Public Theater, will not rush to open to qualify for the Tony Awards, but will open after the awards season, in the summer, so its creators have time to polish it. This takes guts in a theater universe […]

Seduce with Your Book Using ‘Wizardry’

A book should seduce you somehow. Even a business book. The book should have a sense of wonder, surprise and a journey. Even a business book should make you think about the world in a new way. How do you create that surprise, that wonder? You open the doors to discovery using a new language […]