First Rule of Book Club Is: Don’t Talk About Book Club

By Aaron Hierholzer When you think “book club,” you may think of old biddies, crumpets, Aquanet, doilies, and a mystery novel. Or you may think of that blasted “O” sticker you spent ten minutes peeling off your copy of 100 Years of Solitude. But the mail-order book club is a different beast altogether, supplying titles […]

Countdown to ISBN-13: Don’t Let Three More Digits Add Up to One Big Headache

By Nathan Delacretaz Remember the Y2K scare? What if a similar digital dilemma threatened the book industry? As the pros know, January 1, 2007, isn’t just another day of college bowl games and crushing hangovers. It’s the date of the official, indelible, unavoidable introduction of the ISBN-13 system. The ISBN-13 system is a 3-digit expansion […]