Health & Fitness

 According to the annual report Business of Consumer Publishing 2006 published by Simba Information (a Bowker company), the Health & Fitness category of new books generated $530 million dollars in 2006, which was good enough to rank fifth out of the nineteen categories tracked by Simba last year. Estimated 2006 revenues showed an increase of […]

When Shock Value Goes Too Far

By Ashley Marion ReganBooks, known for Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like a Porn Star and José Canseco’s steroid exposé Juiced, has a long history of courting sensationalism. But the publisher—or more accurately, its parent company News Corp.—found the stopping point. Last week HarperCollins (owned by News Corp) announced that its imprint ReganBooks was […]

First Rule of Book Club Is: Don’t Talk About Book Club

By Aaron Hierholzer When you think “book club,” you may think of old biddies, crumpets, Aquanet, doilies, and a mystery novel. Or you may think of that blasted “O” sticker you spent ten minutes peeling off your copy of 100 Years of Solitude. But the mail-order book club is a different beast altogether, supplying titles […]

Voyage into the Amazon Sales Rank

By Aaron Hierholzer The allure of the sales rank is well known to many an author, as is the bewilderment it often brings. How convenient—a number that tells you in hard, empirical terms how your book is doing! But alas, the Amazon sales rank is a fickle mistress. After noticing wild fluctuations in their […]

Countdown to ISBN-13: Don’t Let Three More Digits Add Up to One Big Headache

By Nathan Delacretaz Remember the Y2K scare? What if a similar digital dilemma threatened the book industry? As the pros know, January 1, 2007, isn’t just another day of college bowl games and crushing hangovers. It’s the date of the official, indelible, unavoidable introduction of the ISBN-13 system. The ISBN-13 system is a 3-digit expansion […]