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Selling Books and Bookselling

The Book Expo America convention in New York is one of those rare places in today’s politically fraught world where conservatives and liberals not only meet (or share the same space) but agree: they both want to sell books. Amazing how economic self-interest helps people put aside political self-interest. That’s just one takeaway from this […]

What Women Say is True: Size Doesn’t Matter!

Product launches are common, not only in the personal and business development spaces. Every movie, music album, product, or book has a “launch” plan behind it. I’ve been in the book launch industry for going on 14 years now. You could say I’m a student of the space. But something happened when I took part […]

The Story of a Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, promote a book, writing a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to the methodical personality. To recap, methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. They appreciate facts. They value organization and routine. They prefer to think and speak about details and specifics. They are thoughtful. They plan in advance and want to know all the details. Here’s […]

Networking, Asian Style

Understanding cultural differences when doing business around the world is becoming more important in a global society. Even within large countries like the United States, there are differences from one region to another. When you go beyond that and look at one country vs. another, the differences become even more impactful on business. When we […]

Marketing to the Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to different personality types. Here we will look at what we call the methodical personality. Methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. For methodical personalities the completion of a task is its own reward. They appreciate facts, they want hard data and they demand that information […]

Getting Noticed Online: A Primer

Some people mistake promotion for attraction. And some people mistake forums for publicity opportunities rather than conversation starters. I thought of this when looking at a writer’s forum on LinkedIn, the networking site for various professions and employments. The moderator of the site had said that people in the forum shouldn’t use the forum to […]

Hop Onto Hot Topics

The erotica novel Fifty Shades of Grey has been a publishing sensation. And a satirist who came up with a parody has quickly landed a publishing deal and, for the publishing industry, a quick release date. Andrew Shaffer, a writer, reviewer, blogger and parodist, started running his own take-down of the novel on his website […]

Stick to the Schedule

So, how’s your writing going? You’ve got a schedule, right? And you’re sticking to it. Right? If you’ve got a platform you’re building to attract an audience, you’re sticking to your timetable for creating blogs, answering emails, writing the book? This is an area where a lot of writers get stuck. And it’s an area […]

Premature Solicitation

Has someone you didn’t even know ever solicited you for a referral or business? I call this “Premature Solicitation.” (Say that fast three times and you might get in trouble!) I’ve been a victim of “premature solicitation” many times. I was recently speaking at a business networking event and before my presentation a man came […]